Team Admin Capabilities

Team admins have a different set of capabilities than board admins. If you’re looking for information about board admins, see Changing permissions on a board.

Free Teams

On a free team, it’s easy to collaborate because all members are granted admin status by default. When everyone on the team has uniform permissions, there are no blockers to team productivity. Here’s what free team admins can do:

Member and Guest Control
  • Invite and remove team members
  • Create team invite links
  • Convert guests into team members
Board Control
  • View and join team-visible and public boards(provided board settings allow self-join)
Team Control
  • Edit team profile information, such as name and description
  • Change the team visibility
  • Upgrade the team to Business Class
  • Request to add a team to an Enterprise
  • Delete the team

If your team requires more granular permissions, such as managing who is an admin or normal member, changing permissions is available as a Trello Business Class feature.

For free teams (those that haven't upgraded to Business Class), being a team admin doesn't give admin control over team boards—to make changes to other users' boards in your team, you'll need to be invited as a board admin manually. Instead, the main benefit for teams at that level is to keep everything in one place in the app—team-visible boards can all be seen on one page, which is helpful for new team members. 

Business Class

In Business Class, the capabilities listed above are reserved for team admins, and admins can set member roles to normal. Additionally, Business Class team admins:

  • Maintain admin status over all team boards, including private boards
  • Manage who can create and delete team boards at different visibility levels
  • Manage who can add Guests to a board
  • Can turn Single-Board Guests into Multi-Board Guests


Enterprise team admins have all the capabilities of Business Class team admins. Enterprise teams also get an additional layer of management through the Systems Admin role, which offers higher-level capabilities like enforcing security and privacy settings across multiple Trello teams. To learn more about Enterprise Systems Admins, see What is an Enterprise Admin? and Enterprise Getting Started Guide - Systems Admins.