How to tell if you have personal boards

You may have received an email talking about personal boards and how they are moving to Workspaces! Or you've seen a different page that talks about different experiences depending on if you have personal boards or not. This page will help you confirm whether or not you have personal boards.

To make sure we get definitions out of the way: for Trello, personal boards are boards that don't belong to any Workspace, regardless of the subject.

Check out your home page

The easiest option is to take a look at the home page that holds your boards. The link to that would be

If you see a header called Personal boards, like in the image below, you do have personal boards. In the example here, Indoor Hobbies and My recipes would be my personal boards. Anything below the YOUR WORKSPACES header belongs to a workspace and is not a personal board.

If you don't see that header, then you don't have personal boards:

Check out the board settings

Another option you have is going to each board individually and checking on the settings if it's a personal board. To open the settings, go to a board, click on Show menu, then More, and finally Settings. If you see Add to Workspace, that is a personal board. If you see Change Workspace, it is not.

Getting to settings: Workspace board
Personal board