Business Class User Guide

Business Class gives you all of the power of Trello and additional administrative permissions and security for your team. On top of that, all of your team's members get all of the benefits of Trello Gold

If you just upgraded to Business Class and need help setting up your team, please check Setting up your Business Class team or our webinar here.

The following is a rundown of all of the Business Class features, click on any feature to jump to more detailed information.

Business Class features:

Unlimited Team Boards

Business Class teams typically have projects that encompass a large number of boards. With Business Class, there is no limit to how many team boards can be opened.

Unlimited Power-Ups

Power-Ups give you the opportunity to integrate applications you use on a daily basis right into your Trello boards. While boards on free teams can turn on one Power-Up at any time, boards on Business Class teams can enable multiple Power-Ups per board. See  Power-Ups by Trello and Power-Ups by our partners for more in-depth descriptions.


Board Collections give you the ability to create groups of boards for your team. See  Creating collections for Business Class teams for details on how to do this.

Priority Support

Customers with Business Class get priority email support, meaning we’ll make sure your questions get answered within one business day, guaranteed.

Google Apps integration

Google Apps integration allows you to find people in your Google Apps domain and quickly add them to your team. To add your team's Google Apps account, go to the Members tab and select “Link to Google Apps Domain”.

With just a few clicks add your Google Apps Domain.

Members of your domain will have an Add Member option.

Admin privileges

Team administrators can view, manage, and close all team boards, even if they are not the original creator of the board. This is helpful when a board admin leaves a team and a new admin needs to be assigned. If you are a team admin, you can see all team boards on the Boards tab of your team, even private team boards.

With Trello Business Class team admins become super admins. As an admin, you can see all other boards in the team, even private boards you're not a member of.

Control team and board permissions

Business Class lets you control your team in several ways. You can control the visibility of boards created in your team, restrict team invites by domain or email address, as well as tweak board invitation permissions. You can read more about those permissions  here.

Deactivate team members

If someone leaves your Team, Business Class will give you the ability to deactivate a user in addition to simply removing them. Deactivated members will lose access to all boards in the team, but other team members will be able to see what boards and cards the member was on. This can help team members re-assign tasks that were previously assigned to the deactivated user. To deactivate a member, go to the Members tab, find the member and select deactivate from the “Remove” button.

Deactivate members to keep track of the boards and cards that member was on.

Observers on boards

Observer status makes it easier to share boards and information with clients and vendors. Give people the ability to view, but not modify, private team boards, without needing to make the entire board public. You can even invite people outside the team to be an observer on a board. You can change current board members to observers by clicking their avatar in the right sidebar, selecting “Change Permissions”, and selecting “Observer”. To add a member as an observer, open a board, click “Add Members…”, find a member, select the arrow from the options right to the right, and select “Observer”. 

Confidently share boards with clients and vendors using "observer" status.

View team members activity, boards, and cards

Keep up to date on what projects your team's members are working on. Visit the Members tab to view when a member was last active in the team. You’ll also be able to see what boards the member is a part of and view the member's assigned cards from that page.

View your team's members activity in Trello.

Saved search

Saving searches allows members of your team to quickly recall frequent searches for cards on team boards, saving tons of time and typing. 

Save searches, save time.

To save a search, enter your search terms and operators in the search field, click “Save this Search”, name your search and then click “Save”. Click “Back to Saved Searches” to view your saved searches. To execute a saved search, simply click it. For more information see this article on  Saved Search.

Trello Gold features for team members

All members of your Business Class team get all of the features of Trello Gold: 

  • Larger file attachments - up to 250 MB per attachment
  • Additional and custom board backgrounds
  • Custom stickers and additional sticker packs
  • Upload your own emoji 

Bulk data export & Export history

Download all of your team's data at once, including boards, cards, members, and attachments. To do so, click the Export tab. Your team's boards will be exported in both JSON and CSV formats, and all of your card's attachments will be saved in their native file format. You will also have a history of any past exports available for easy access to your team's data.

Export your team's data in just one click.

CSV exports for individual boards

In addition being able to export individual boards in JSON, as a Business Class subscriber you can export individual team boards in CSV format as well. CSV exports can easily be opened in applications like Excel.

If you're a member of a Business Class team but you don't see an option to export your board to CSV, you'll need to move your board into the upgraded team. 

To see what a board export in CSV format looks like, we have exported the Welcome Board that comes with each new Trello account. You can download the .csv file here.

Click "Export CSV" to export your data.

Billing information & Invoices

Check out the Billing tab to update credit card and billing information and view your invoices. You can cancel Trello Business Class via a link at the bottom of the Billing tab.

Manage your billing information and view your billing history from the billing tab.

Setting up your Business Class team

Finally, we have a guide to walk you through your team's transition to Business Class. See setting up your Business Class team.

Don't forget that the regular version of Trello still includes unlimited boards, users, and attachments.