Calendar View

Calendar View is a more advanced version of our Calendar Power-Up, offering a powerful visual way to track and manage your Cards, as well as their Due Dates, Advanced Checklists, and Start/End dates. Calendar View gives you the perspective to organize and prioritize what needs to be done in the days, weeks, and months ahead. 

Calendar View is currently in a beta stage. If you have feedback you would like to share with our team, please follow the feedback link in the yellow banner at the top of the Calendar View.

What does this article cover?

Accessing Calendar View

To get there, select Calendar View from the Views dropdown on any Board within a Business Class Team:

Using Calendar View

Things will feel familiar here - a lot like our Calendar Power-Up, but with a few key differences and improvements! 

  • Drag-and-drop cards to keep your calendar organized, Due Dates will be automatically adjusted
  • Cards can be created and edited directly within the Calendar View
  • Adjust the scope of your Calendar View to show you one Week, or one Month
Add Start/End Dates

In addition to Trello's traditional Due Dates, Start and End dates can be added to Cards. These dates will cause your Cards to appear on multiple dates within your Calendar View. Add a Start and End date while editing your Card's Due Date, or click the edge of a Card in your Calendar View and stretch it to cover multiple dates.

Full-Day Events

Calendar View will support full-day events for Cards that don't need a specific time. Setting a Card as a full-day event will display that Card over the entire day.

Advanced Checklists (Coming soon!)
  • Advanced checklist items are not in the Beta Release, but they'll be available soon, so keep an eye out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Calendar View?

Calendar View is only available for Teams that are subscribed to the current version of Business Class. Business Class teams subscribed to a legacy plan won't have access to Calendar View. If you can't see Calendar View, make sure your Board is in a current Business Class Team. 

Will the Calendar View ever be available for free Teams?

Not at the moment, but check out our Calendar Power-Up

Will the Calendar View be available for Enterprise Teams?

Yes! This is in the works. While we don't have a timeline to share, it will soon be available for Enterprise Teams too.

What is the difference between Calendar View and the Calendar Power-Up?

The Calendar View offers the ability to set Start and End dates, and more control over Checklists from directly within your Calendar. The Calendar Power-Up will still be available for Boards outside Business Class Teams.

Can custom Date fields appear on the Calendar View?

Not at this time, but we like how you think.

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Have any feedback, questions, or problems with the Calendar view? Check out the FAQ's section first, otherwise, feel free to reach out to our team at