Switching between Trello accounts

How do I switch between multiple Trello accounts with the new Account Switcher?

Once your Trello account is linked to Atlassian account, you'll have the option to link up to 10 accounts, making it easy to switcher between Trello accounts without having to log out and into another account.

To use the Trello Account Switcher, you need to be logged into one of your confirmed Trello accounts. Click on your profile avatar in the top right corner of Trello, and then click the " Add Another Account" option.

From there, you can add the email of your other account and authenticate with it.
Once you are done authenticating, you should see the option to switch between those two accounts on the same menu.

When I tried to link an account, Trello says "This account requires a few updates before it can be added." What does this mean?

The Trello account that you link with the Account Switcher must be confirmed and linked to an Atlassian account. If the account you're trying to connect doesn't meet this criteria, you'll be asked to log into the account you're trying to connect to complete the necessary steps.

Once the additional account is confirmed and linked to an Atlassian account, you'll be able to link it using the Account Switcher. 

How do I remove an account that I've linked using the Account Switcher?

The Account Switcher will allow you to add 10 accounts to your active session. When you reach that number, you will need to remove an account to be able to add another one.

To remove an account, click on your profile avatar in the top right corner of Trello, select the option for "Add Another Account" to view the Account Switcher page and click the "Remove accounts from this browser" button to select an account to remove.

I'm a Trello Enterprise user, why can't I use the Account Switcher with my Enterprise-managed account? 

To ensure the security of Enterprise accounts, the Account Switcher is currently not available for Trello Enterprise users. Right now, only non-Enterprise Trello user accounts that are confirmed will see the Account Switcher. Later, we'll rollout the Account Switcher to Enterprise users.

Why did my authenticated accounts disappear from the Account Switcher?

Trello stores your authenticated accounts locally on your browser, instead of on our server. Clearing your browser's cookies and cached data, using a private browsing tab, or using a different browser are a few situations where you will not see your authenticated accounts in the Account Switcher.

To restore your authenticated accounts, you'll need to walk through the process of adding each account to the Account Switcher. 

Why was the wrong account added to the Account Switcher?

During the process of adding an account to the Account Switcher, you are asked to authenticate the account by logging in to that account. If you log into a different account than the one you entered into the Account Switcher, either by entering a different email address or using the social login for a different account, the account chosen on this screen is added to the Account Switcher instead.

You can remove this incorrect account by choosing the option to " Switch Accounts" in Trello, then choose the option "Remove accounts from this browser".