Linking a Trello Enterprise to an Atlassian organization

This page will help you connect the new version of Trello Enterprise to an Atlassian organization for the purpose of setting up SSO powered by Atlassian Access. 

You can link your Trello Enterprise to an Atlassian organization to use the free domain claim feature available to organizations. Once your Enterprise is linked to an Atlassian organization, you’ll be able to manage all Trello users on your domain and take advantage of Enterprise features for managed accounts.

You can set up an Atlassian organization and claim a domain for free at Organizations can also be upgraded to Atlassian Access for additional security features.

To link your Enterprise and your Atlassian organization together, go to the Atlassian settings tab in your Trello Enterprise admin dashboard. On that page, you’ll see a list of any organizations that can be linked to your Enterprise. If you’re the admin for the organization as well as for the Enterprise, then you can click the “Link organization” button to link the two together. Once you confirm this action, your Enterprise and organization will be linked, and the name of your Enterprise will be replaced by the name of the organization.

If you’re not the admin for your Atlassian organization, you’ll need to either add the organization admin as an admin for your Enterprise or ask them to make you an admin for the organization. An Enterprise can only be linked to an Atlassian organization by someone who is an admin for both.

If you'd like to set up SSO, you'll need to do so in your Atlassian organisation via Atlassian Access. You can read more about that here.

Managed members 

When an Enterprise and an Atlassian organization are linked, they’ll share the same set of managed members, based on the organization’s claimed domains. Any Trello user with an email address on the claimed domain will be a managed member of both the Enterprise and the organization. Managed members will not count toward your Enterprise license seats unless they are given an Enterprise license or added to an Enterprise Workspace.

Only users on the claimed domain can be managed by the Enterprise. If your Enterprise was previously managing users from different domains, they will no longer be managed—however, those users can still be granted an Enterprise license and will still be able to access any boards or Workspaces within your Enterprise that they were already a member of.

Provisioning users via SCIM 

If your Enterprise is linked to an Atlassian organization that has enabled SCIM user provisioning, then any users provisioned to the organization will be given a free Trello account. Users who were provisioned to the organization before it was linked to the Enterprise don't automatically get an account, but if any change to the account causes SCIM to re-sync the user, a new Trello account will be created.

These accounts will be counted as free managed members of your Enterprise. They will not be granted an Enterprise license or added to any Enterprise boards or Workspaces automatically. However, they will be able to view any boards in the Enterprise with the “Organization” visibility setting. The accounts are also not immediately billable on Atlassian Access. They do become billable accounts when they log in for the first time.