Butler Bot Command Importer for Legacy Accounts

Butler Bot Command Importer
Before using the Butler Bot command importer, it is important to understand the distinction between a Butler Bot command and a command in the Butler Power-Up.
A Butler Bot command takes the form of a card on a Trello board, where the command itself is the title of the card. These Butler Bot commands are performed by the Butler Bot user, and will reflect as such in the board’s activity log. There are also global Butler Bot commands which are created via the Butler Bot dashboard. Global Butler Bot commands are enabled on any of the boards in which you have invited Butler Bot. Note: Any user on the board is able to modify or delete Butler Bot commands, as they are just cards on the board.
A command in the Butler Power-Up can only be viewed or modified from within the Butler Power-Up. These commands can only be modified by the user who created them, but that user will be able to see their commands on any board that they have the Butler Power-Up enabled on.
Using the Command Importer
The Butler Bot command importer can be used to import or remove the Butler Bot commands you have on a board. Currently only rules, scheduled commands and due date commands can be imported. Note that global Butler Bot commands will not appear in the Command Importer.
When a Butler Bot command is imported, it will be moved to the Power Up, and therefore the existent Trello card for that command will be archived to avoid duplication. Once the will cause the command to be performed by your user, rather than the @butlerbot user, and will reflect as such in the board’s activity log.
When a Butler Bot command is removed, the Trello card for that command will be archived and the command will no longer work.
IMPORTANT: The Butler Power-Up supports editing of most imported Butler Bot commands, however some imported Butler Bot commands may not be editable once imported.

For more information on the Butler Bot vs Butler Power-Up see: Butler Bot vs Power-Up.