Organization Visible boards

The Organization Visible option for boards is a Trello Enterprise feature. It introduces a new level of board visibility for Enterprise users. When a board is created or set as ‘Organization Visible,’ it means that managed users and Enterprise team members (on any team that is owned by the Enterprise) can view the board, regardless of the team the board is in.

Organization Visible boards allow for the creation of boards that can be visible to all members of the Enterprise, rather than just the members of a certain team. The feature is designed to support customers with large footprints in Trello who may have a need for certain boards to be seen by everyone, but also find that adding everyone in the company to one team to enable that today is inefficient and cumbersome. Some examples of boards that could be set as company visible are: 'OKR/Targets,' 'On-boarding,' 'Growth Plans and Other Templates,' 'Company Events,' 'Office Management,' etc.

In its default state, any board admin within the Enterprise can create an Organization Visible board or change the visibility of an existing board to expand its visibility to all members of the Enterprise, including managed or licensed users of the Enterprise.

To create an Organization Visible board

Boards created within an Enterprise default to ‘Team Visible.’ To change the visibility to Organization Visible, click on the caret icon beside ‘Team Visible’ and choose ‘Organization:’

To update the visibility of an existing board to Organization Visible

A board admin can navigate to the visibility dropdown in the top left corner of the navigation bar and choose ‘Organization’ from the available options:

Boards with their visibility set to ‘Organization Visible’ behave exactly like any other Trello board and are subject to the same Enterprise permissions as any other board, the only difference is the visibility setting dictating who can see the board.

Enterprise admins can control who within the Enterprise is allowed to create ‘Organization Visible’ boards via the ‘Team Settings’ page on their Enterprise Admin Dashboard.