Command libraries

As the number of commands grows, it's harder to keep track of groups of commands that are designed to act together. To help with this, Butler lets you organize your commands into libraries.

A command library is just a group of commands that share the same tag. Command libraries allow you to:

  • Categorize commands so that they can be found easily by filtering.
  • Enable or disable groups of commands on the current board.
  • Share a group of commands with other users in your Workspace.

Creating a command library

In order to start a command library, simply add a tag to an existing command. To do this click on the tag button in the upper left corner of any command, then type in a tag name:

You can also select an existing tag if you already created one before:

Filtering commands by library

You can filter your commands by library in the filtering menu at the top of your command list:

Managing command libraries

To work with more advanced library options, click on the "Tags" button to the top left of your command list, next to the filter.

This will display a list of all the libraries currently in your command list, as well as libraries that have been shared with you:

For each library, you will see its name and some related information below. If the library is active in your command list, it will show how many commands you have that are part of this library, and how many are enabled on this board.

To the right, you can find action buttons:

  • Rename: change a library's name. This also allows you to:
    • Delete the library tag and remove it from all commands that have it: enter an empty name for the library.
    • Merge two libraries: rename one library to have the same name of the one you want to merge it with.
  • Enable all: enable all the commands in the library on the current board at once.
  • Disable all: disable all the commands in the library on the current board at once. 

Below the action buttons, you will find a switch:

  • Shared: If you turn this switch on, the library will be available to all members of your Trello Business Class Workspace that the board is linked to.

The list will also contain  libraries shared with you. For these, instead of the above, you will see a single action:

  • Import: import all the commands in the library to your own command list.

Working with imported libraries

After importing a library, you will have your own copy of the commands in the library. You can modify them, move them to other libraries, etc, without affecting the source library.

Once you import a library, its display in the library list will be a bit different, including both information about your own copy of the library and about the source library:

The action buttons at the top allow you to operate with your own copy of the library.

Importantly, there is also an import button. This button allows you to re-import the library:

  • Any new commands created by the library owner will be added to your library.
  • Any commands will be refreshed with their current versions of the library.
    • Commands modified by the library owner will be updated in your copy of the library.
    • Commands modified by you in your copy of the library will be overwritten by the current library version.


  • Can I add a card or board button to a library?
    • Buttons cannot currently be part of libraries, although this is something we are planning to add in the future.
  • Can I set multiple tags for one command?
    • No. A command can currently only belong to one library at a time. You can duplicate the command and add the copy to another library.
  • Who can see my shared libraries?
    • Currently, only users in the same Trello Business Class Workspace can see and use your shared libraries.
  • Can I upload a command to someone else's library?
    • No, the library is owned by them. If you wish, you can rename your local copy of the library, make modifications, and re-share it under a different name.
  • Can I share a library with the same name as one shared by someone else?
    • To avoid confusion, we don't allow you to share a library with the same name as someone else, but it's easy to rename your library.