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  • Community Template Gallery

    Trello’s community template gallery offers best practices and tried-and-true frameworks for setting up your Trello board, whether it’s for business or personal use. Some templates within the gallery

  • Troubleshooting Power-Ups not loading

    If you're seeing an "Unable to load Power-Up" error, this usually means one of two things. Either the browser is timing out while trying to load those Power-Ups, or they may be blocked on your network

  • Merging Teams

    When upgrading to Trello Business Class, consolidating teams is a good way to unify your users and boards so that you don't pay multiple times for each user. If you don't have any teams upgraded to

  • Viewing your cards’ due dates on a calendar in iOS

    You can view your cards’ due dates by adding the board’s iCal feed to a third party calendar app. Two popular options are Google Calendar and the built-in iOS Calendar app. Google Calendar You can

  • Moving cards or lists

    You can move cards and lists within a board and you can even change the board to which they belong. You can also re-order checklists. Moving cards The most straightforward way to move a card is to

  • Enabling Power-Ups

    Power-Ups turn Trello boards into living applications through additional features and integrations. Boards belonging to free users can turn on one Power-Up at a time, boards belonging to Trello Gold

  • Not receiving confirmation emails or password reset emails

    Sometimes email falls through the cracks and doesn't make it to your inbox. We do not have the resources to troubleshoot each individual mail problem, but we can give you give you general guidelines

  • Upgrading an Enterprise Team

    Trello Enterprise supports adding multiple teams to your single subscription, under one large umbrella, and offers a few ways for your company's teams to get upgraded and added to your Enterprise.

  • Loading resources from Trello's CDN

    Trello uses a third party service called a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to make Trello faster. A CDN is used to deliver files to you that are closer to your geographical location. Because these

  • Adding cards

    Cards are the basic unit of a board. They might represent new software features, story leads, legal cases, things to buy at the store, freelance clients, potential employees, or customer support issue

  • Troubleshooting for the iOS app

    If something seems to be going wrong on the app, the first step to try is to close the app completely and then re-open it. To close the app this, double-click the home button, and then swipe up on

  • Using the Jira Align Power-up

    You can use Trello’s Jira Align Power-Up to define work item (feature, story, and defect) details for each card on your board and view the ongoing health and progress of your team’s work with a

  • Adding or Removing Members on a Board in iOS

    Adding a member to a board Open the board to which you wish to add a member Open the board's sidebar ( the ... icon) Select "Add Members" from the Members section Search for members by name or email a

  • Trello’s Privacy Policy Update - FAQs

    1. What's changing with Trello’s Privacy Policy? Trello has released an update to our Privacy Policy which goes into effect on May 25, 2018. Our new policy is more user-friendly and addresses new

  • Changing your public name

    To change the public name shown in Trello, log into your Atlassian account at and then go to to change your

  • Creating Template Boards

    Templates are used for creating boards based on the same setup – ideal for replicating a process or workflow. Anyone who creates a board from a template will begin with the exact same content,

  • Accessing Account Settings in iOS

    Viewing your account page To access the account settings from the iOS apps, tap on the user icon from the main boards page. You can find this in the bottom right corner on the iPhone or the top left c

  • Enterprise management of personal boards

    We are making some updates to enhance the security of Trello Enterprise. When these updates are ready to be rolled out to your Enterprise, you will receive a notification via email and an in-product

  • What is an inactive user?

    Sometimes, when trying to add a Trello user to your board or team, you may see their account labeled as inactive: We'll label users as inactive if they haven't logged in to Trello for 90 days. Their a

  • Troubleshooting for the Android app

    If something seems to be going wrong on the app, the first step to try is to close the app completely and then re-open it. To close the app this, tap on your device's app manager, and swipe to close

  • Setting up your Business Class team

    If you've upgraded your Trello team to Trello Business Class and you're looking to onboard your team as smoothly as possible, you are in the right place. If you're a visual learner, feel free to

  • Troubleshooting Two Factor Authentication

    If you can't get into Trello because you're not receiving the SMS with your code, these steps can help you get back into your account. Using your backup codes When enabling Two Factor Authentication,

  • The boards page and boards drawer

    The boards page and the boards drawer are two locations in Trello where you can easily organize and access your Trello boards. The boards page To access your boards page, when logged in to Trello go

  • Changing board backgrounds

    You can customize your Trello boards by changing your board's background. Once you've changed the board background, all other users that view that board will also see that same background. Choose

  • Organization Visible boards

    The Organization Visible option for boards is a Trello Enterprise feature. It introduces a new level of board visibility for Enterprise users. When a board is created or set as ‘Organization

  • Domain Allowlisting

    Trello Enterprise As part of our Single Sign On (SSO) feature for Trello Enterprise, we offer the option to allowlist the domain(s) associated with your company. Allowlisting will cause new users who

  • Arithmetic and Formatting in Date Variables

    Date variables can be manipulated in order to move the date, or to change the way the date is displayed. For example, when using the value of a variable like {cardduedate} , you may want to shift the

  • Butler: Using the Jira and Slack Integrations

    Butler can be used beyond the boundaries of Trello to create new tickets in Jira, post comments on existing tickets, or send custom messages via Slack. If you're not familiar with Butler, check out

  • GitHub Power-Up Organization Repos Not Showing

    If you are unable to find your organization’s repos when using the GitHub Power-Up within Trello, you can try these troubleshooting steps: 1. Remove the authorization for the GitHub Power-Up from

  • What to do if your account is compromised

    It’s definitely frustrating to lose data through an account breach or someone deleting data on a shared Trello board. We created this document to let you know what you can do as well as the

  • What are Power-Ups?

    Turn your Trello boards into living applications Power-Ups allow you to bring additional features to your boards and integrate your favorite apps right into Trello. They can pull information and data

  • Why Support can't grant access to your account

    For security purposes, Trello Support isn’t able to grant access to, modify, or delete user accounts. Additionally, Support isn’t able to change the administrators of boards or teams. Though we unders

  • Admin indicators, and gold crowns on user avatars

    If the members are on a team or board page, you'll see two types of indicators to indicate an administrator status and Trello Gold membership. Admin status A blue indicator tells us that the user is

  • Changing your profile picture (avatar)

    To change the profile picture shown in Trello, log into your Atlassian account at and then go to to change

  • How do I request a discount for my registered non-profit or educational institution?

    Yes! Trello offers both a non-profit community discount as well as an Education discount. Follow the links below for more details: I'm a registered non-profit I'm an Educational institution

  • How will my Gold subscription affect free users on my boards?

    If you have Trello Gold, you'll be able to enable 3 Power-Ups on each of your boards, upload larger attachments (250 MB compared to 10 MB on the free version), save searches, and upload custom backgro

  • Enterprise Power-Up Administration

    Enterprise Power-Up Administration allows administrators to control which Power-Ups are allowed to be added to boards within the Enterprise. This feature also gives visibility into which Power-Ups are

  • Sanctioned Countries

    U.S. law prohibits Trello from providing access to products and services to organizations or users located in the following restricted countries or regions: Crimea Region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran,

  • Using the Calendar Power-Up

    With the Calendar Power-Up enabled, you can view your board's cards with due dates in a calendar. You can also enable an iCalendar feed that third-party applications can watch. Viewing the calendar

  • Editing cards

    You can edit a card by clicking the card you wish to edit on your board. This opens the back of the card. To edit a card title, click the title on the back of the card. A card has an optional descript

  • Saved Search

    Trello Gold and Business Class members have the ability to save searches for quickly recalling frequently used search terms and operators. Save frequently searched items for faster recall. To save a s

  • Team Admin Capabilities

    Team admins have a different set of capabilities than board admins. If you’re looking for information about board admins, see Changing permissions on a board. Free Teams On a free team, it’s easy to

  • Using the Voting Power-Up

    When the Power-Up is enabled, any member of the board will be able to vote on the cards on that board. These members will see a "Vote" button on each card back under "Actions." Adding / Removing a Vot

  • Cloud Terms of Service - FAQs

    Trello is adopting Atlassian's Cloud Terms of Service. In order to help communicate what is changing, we've prepared a summary of some of the key changes and this page to help answer some questions ab

  • Using Button Recommendations

    Butler allows you to customize the Trello user interface by adding buttons that perform functions defined by you. To get you started faster, Butler will also recommend buttons based on the most freque

  • Butler: Administrative Powers

    Business Class team administrators, and Enterprise administrators have administrative powers over other users' commands in the organizations boards. Administrative powers allow the administrator to

  • Archiving and deleting cards

    Archiving cards Archive cards by clicking "Archive Card" in the Actions menu on a card's back. Or you can also select "Archive" from the card menu (click the pencil icon that appears on hover). You

  • Turning on international time/date formatting

    Date formatting is changed per-language. For instance, English (US) and Français (Canada) will see a MM/DD/YYYY format. If you want to view Trello in English, but use international date formatting,

  • API Rate Limits

    To help prevent strain on Trello’s servers, our API imposes rate limits per API key for all issued tokens. There is a limit of 300 requests per 10 seconds for each API key and no more than 100 request

  • Using the Giphy Power-Up

    Giphy lets you search from the world's largest library of animated GIFs. This Power-Up will enable a Giphy button on cards, allowing you to quickly search for and attach the perfect GIF. Enabling the