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  • Using Emoji reactions in Trello

    You can now react to comments with Emojis right within Trello. It's a great way to give quick feedback and so much fun! Adding an emoji reaction to a comment Open the card in question and scroll down

  • Submitting feature requests for Trello

    Do you have an idea for a cool new feature of Trello that you think could be the Next Big Thing™? This guide is here to help you understand how we keep track of feature requests as well as how to subm

  • Trello for Android Beta Program

    Do you love our Android app and want to help us make it even better? Join our beta program! Here's what you can expect: Get the new features before anyone else, and provide feedback on them. Bugs. We

  • Trello for Google Hangouts Chat

    Trello for Hangouts Chat lets you send custom alerts to Chat rooms for activity on Trello boards, lists, and cards. Alerts can be sent from any of your Trello boards to Chat rooms via the Hangouts Cha

  • Configuring your firewall for Trello

    You can configure your firewall to allow Trello as a trusted source by following these guidelines. Because Trello's IP addresses can change frequently and without notice, we'd suggest that you use our

  • Removing Trello content from Google

    How do I remove a formerly public board from Google search results? When a board is made public, Google is efficient at getting the content of that board into their index. They're less efficient about

  • Trello for iOS Beta Program

    Do you love our iOS app and want to help us make it even better? Join our beta program! Here’s what you can expect: Get the new features before anyone else, and provide feedback on them. Bugs. We

  • Using Trello with Google Calendar

    If you use Google Calendar, you can integrate any of your Trello boards' calendars with Google Calendar, so you can view your calendars and your cards with due dates together in one place. To begin,

  • Using Trello with Microsoft Outlook

    If you use Microsoft Outlook for Windows, you can integrate any of your Trello boards' calendars with Outlook, so you can view your calendars and your cards with due dates together in one place.

  • Changing your language in Trello

    Trello is currently available in over 20 languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Turkish,

  • Trello Business Class for Teachers

    How do I sign up for Trello? You can make your free Trello account here. After you do that you'll need to create a team to redeem your Business Class educator promo code. How do I sign up for a

  • Troubleshooting browser issues with Trello

    The browser is what you use to access Trello on your Mac or PC (and maybe your phone). This includes Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Because all browsers are different, sometimes you might

  • Using Trello SCIM for Okta

    Note about user provisioning with the new version of Trello Enterprise: If your team is using Trello Enterprise with Atlassian Access, you'll use a different set of instructions for user provisioning

  • Undoing an action in Trello

    While viewing a board or a card, you can undo recent actions that you’ve taken by simply pressing `Z`. Each time you press it, your most recent card action will be undone. For example, if you add a

  • Repeating an action in Trello

    If you have a workflow with lots of simple, repetitive actions, try using the `R` keyboard shortcut while viewing or hovering over a card to automatically repeat that action. For example, if you add

  • Managed Atlassian accounts for Trello

    What’s happening? If you’re seeing this page, your Trello account is likely using a company email address and someone in your organization (most likely an admin on the IT team) has chosen to manage

  • Variables

    Variables are special pieces of text enclosed in curly brackets that are replaced by a current value when a command is executed. Variables can be used in list names, card titles, card descriptions

  • An Introduction to Butler

    What is Butler? Butler is a powerful tool that brings automation and insights to your Trello boards. Whether you want Butler to perform simple tasks on a single board using basic functionality or to

  • Butler Features and Quotas

    Butler is included with paid Trello accounts at no additional cost, subject to usage quotas and other limits. Free Trello accounts also include a small taste of Butler with limited functionality. If

  • Attaching documents with Google Drive

    Trello will let you attach documents from a card directly from Google Drive (formerly known as Google Docs). Just click "Attachment" and choose "Google Drive" from the back of a card. Files that are a

  • The Team Table View

    Trello's Team table view is an easy-to-use feature to see cards from multiple boards across your Trello Team in a compact, manageable table format. Select the Team boards you want to view and you'll

  • Why can't I open file:// links?

    Trello attachments work one of two ways: by either uploading a copy of the file to our servers (for attachments added from your computer or mobile device) or by linking to an attachment on another ser

  • Creating cards from webpages

    You can quickly create new cards for web pages by dragging the URL of the webpage onto 'Add a card..' within a list. You can also copy and paste the link instead. While on the website, click the URL i

  • Butler Bot Command Importer for Legacy Accounts

    Butler Bot Command Importer Before using the Butler Bot command importer, it is important to understand the distinction between a Butler Bot command and a command in Trello's built-in version of

  • Connecting the Trello App for Slack

    For more details on the Slack app, see our main article:  The Trello App for Slack To connect the Trello App for Slack to a Trello team, go to your team's settings page. Only Team Admins will be able

  • Sales tax for purchases in Trello

    Why are you charging us sales tax, VAT or GST? Different countries and U.S. states have different tax laws that apply to software services like Trello. In the U.S., some states tax software services

  • The Trello App for Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams comes with Microsoft Office 365. Read more on setting up Microsoft Teams to get started. The Trello app for Microsoft Teams links your Trello teams to those in Microsoft Teams. When

  • Mobile Push Notification Settings for Trello

    Get granular with your Trello notifications in our mobile apps! In Trello’s Notification Settings, you can choose from 15 different actions in Trello that will trigger a push notification at card,

  • Earning and Activating Free Trello Gold

    Trello Gold gives you personal upgrades to your Trello account. You can read more about it at Recommending people to Trello If you get someone to start using Trello, you get a free

  • Butler Bot vs. Butler in Trello

    You may find a number of tutorials on the Internet about Butler that look remarkably different from the official Butler integration. While we cherish and feel incredibly honored by the people who

  • Removing a member from a board

    To remove a member from a board, click the avatar in the members section in the board menu, and select "Remove from Board". Remove a board member by clicking on their avatar. When a member is removed

  • Associating a board with a team

    Associating a board with a team can make collaborating with your team easier, and keeps all of the boards for your team organized in one place. If a board currently isn't linked to a team, follow

  • Managed Enterprise Accounts

    Have Trello Enterprise and an Atlassian Organization? When an Enterprise and an Atlassian Organization are linked, they’ll share the same set of managed members, based on the Organization’s claimed

  • Enterprise Admin Dashboard

    As part of Trello Enterprise, Enterprise admins have access to an Enterprise-wide management dashboard where they can view all Trello members related to an Enterprise, and view and manage permissions

  • Commenting on cards

    Comments allow you to engage in a conversation on the back of a card. To view the back of a card, click on the card to open it. Adding You can add comments to a card via the "Add comment" textbox in

  • Protecting your account from phishing

    What is phishing? Phishing is an attempt to gain account information or other personal information from someone through email, usually by impersonating a legitimate organization. Phishing emails will

  • Sync Your 3rd Party Calendar App With Trello

    Using the Calendar Power-Up, Trello offers the ability to import your board calendar into most any calendar application via an iCal feed. However, some applications may not update this feed very

  • Using the SurveyMonkey Power-Up

    The SurveyMonkey Power-Up allows you to quickly search for and attach your surveys to cards. You can then see up-to-date statistics about the survey directly on the card, and other members can take th

  • Using the Twitter Power-Up

    Enabling the Power-Up To enable the Power-Up, open the board menu on the right side of the page, select the Power-Ups menu option, and then click the "enable" button next to the Twitter Power-Up. Auth

  • Setting the visibility of a team to public or private

    Team admins can make the team's visibility public or private. You can change the setting in the team's profile page. Click the "Settings" tab and then select "Team Visibility" to make the changes.

  • Does Trello offer support in other languages?

    We’re happy to support international customers! When contacting support, feel free to write us in English or in another language. We're currently using a translation service to help us respond to our

  • Open Trello links in the iOS App

    Trello Links such as a card or board links ( and can be opened in the Trello iOS app if certain criteria is met. Some apps hardcode for the links to open in a

  • Viewing all of your cards

    You can view all of the cards that you have been assigned or added yourself to, and sort them by board or due date by going to your cards page. To do this just click on your name in the Trello header

  • Using the Google Drive Power-Up

    Enabling the Power-Up To enable the Power-Up, open the board menu on the right side of the page, select a vacant Power-Ups slot, and then search for the Google Drive Power-Up. Click 'Add' to enable

  • Managing Licensed Members on the Enterprise Admin Dashboard

    Licensed Members Accounts that have been granted a license by your Enterprise appear on the Enterprise Members tab of the Enterprise admin dashboard. These are the accounts that are billable within

  • Using the Card Aging Power-Up

    The Card Aging Power-Up helps you see cards on a board that haven’t been touched in a while. When enabled, cards will visibly age with inactivity. There are two modes of card aging: “Regular” and

  • Using the Card Repeater Power-Up

    The Card Repeater Power-Up lets you copy a card every day, week, month or year, so you can get recurring tasks out of your head and onto your boards. For ideas about tasks to repeat, check out the

  • What are teams?

    To collaborate with your friends, family, or colleagues across multiple Trello Boards, boards are part of a team. You can think about those teams as “workspaces”, be them a business workspace, a home

  • Making a user an admin of a board

    Board admins have a different set of permissions on a board and control all of the settings on a board. Only admins can close a board or change the board title, for instance. Only board admins can mak

  • Changing the admins of a team or board

    See Adding an admin to your team if you are already an administrator of your team and wish to add additional administrators. This article is intended to be used by people who need to recover a team