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  • How Billing Works with Trello Business Class

    When you upgrade your Trello team to Trello Business Class you have the option to choose between a monthly or yearly billing plan. The cost is per-team member or Multi-Board Guest (so you will not be

  • Integrating Trello with Zendesk

    Zendesk provides customer service and support ticket software used globally by teams big and small. Trello has powerful integrations with Zendesk, both in the form of the Zendesk Power-Up and a Trello

  • Adding lists to a board

    A list is a collection of vertically-arranged cards. They may represent a collection of ideas, things to remember, or different stages of a workflow. Adding Add a list to a board by clicking the "Add

  • Inviting people to a team

    Here's how to add members to a team: First go to the Trello team's profile by visiting the home page at and selecting your team on the left side or from the link next to the title

  • Adding people to a board

    To add members to a board, select "Invite" from the board menu. Search for a user by name or enter an email address to invite them to the board. Click their name to add them to the board. Depending

  • Using the Bitbucket Power-Up

    Enabling the Bitbucket Power-Up To enable the Power-Up, open the board menu on the right side of the page, select the Power-Ups menu option, and then click the "Enable" button next to the Bitbucket Cl

  • Using the Jira Power-Up

    Enabling the Jira Power-Up To enable the Power-Up, open the board menu on the right side of the page, select the Power-Ups menu option, and then click the "enable" button next to the Jira Cloud Power-

  • Searching for Cards (All Boards)

    If you're looking to search for cards on a single board, try filtering cards on a board. Trello gives you the ability to search for cards across all of your boards. Just type in the search box at the

  • Importing Data Into Trello

    Trello doesn't have a generic import tool, but you have several options for bringing your data into Trello: Copy Paste - When you paste text into a Trello card, each new line becomes a new card. This

  • Adding and removing stickers from cards

    Stickers are a simple yet fun way to add visual flair to your Trello cards. They can be used to communicate the status of a card or to add a little bit of whimsy. Adding stickers to a card The

  • Invoices and receipts for Trello Business Class and Trello Gold

    You can find invoices and receipts at the following pages: For Trello Gold, For Trello Business Class (you must be an admin of the Trello team): Go to, Next

  • Trello Desktop Apps

    Trello is available everywhere you are, including a dedicated desktop app for both  macOS (10.9 or higher, 64-bit only) and Windows 10. To help keep things organized, you can now keep Trello in its ow

  • Cancel Trello Gold

    You can downgrade your Trello Gold account from within Trello. This will stop you from being billed again in the future, and will remove the option to use Gold features in your account. Cards and boar

  • Trello for iPhone

    Get the app in the app store: Trello for iPhone See also: Troubleshooting login problems on the iPhone and iPad

  • Trello for iPad

    Available now on the App Store!

  • Trello for Android

    Get Trello in Google Play: Trello for Android Permissions Trello for Android requests the minimal set of permissions required to operate properly. Unfortunately, Android's permission system makes appl

  • Reporting Trello bugs

    You want Trello to be awesome. So do we! Although we strive to make Trello as polished as possible, sometimes there are bugs. A bug means "something is broken." If you're looking for how to do

  • Trello and Integromat

    Connect Trello to any other online service (including REST services) and automate simple or complex tasks using Integromat. Integromat is a free tool to connect apps and automate workflows using a

  • Trello API documentation

    Trello provides a simple RESTful web API where each type of resource (e.g. a card, a board, or a member) has a URI that you can interact with. The Trello API documentation is available at

  • Access for Trello

    Early Access Program (EAP) Update: At this time we are no longer adding organizations to the Early Access Program. We will be integrating Trello for existing Atlassian Access subscribers starting

  • Printing in Trello

    We built Trello to be a next-generation web and mobile application, so as such it doesn't have great built-in printing support. You can try printing individual cards and boards, but results may be

  • Trello Support Hours

    Support for Trello is available during normal business hours, which is Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time. The Trello office is closed on the following United States holidays: New

  • What is Trello?

    Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. Imagine a

  • Switching between Trello accounts

    How do I switch between multiple Trello accounts with the new Account Switcher? Once your Trello account is linked to Atlassian account, you'll have the option to link up to 10 accounts, making it

  • Adding observers to boards

    Teams that subscribe to Trello Business Class can add "Observers" to boards within their team. Observers are board members that are able to view a board and the cards within the board, download card

  • How to migrate your Trello Enterprise domain claims and SSO to Atlassian Access

    This page will help you prepare to move to the new version of Trello Enterprise and Atlassian Access as part of your Enterprise renewal process. As a Trello Enterprise admin, you will find the steps

  • How to Transfer Boards to a New Account

    How to transfer boards to a new account Transferring a board will add a new member to the board and make them a board admin. You’ll have the option to remove the original member account from the

  • Archiving Trello Cards Automatically

    With Butler, cards can be automatically archived at a specific time with a scheduled command or instantly with a board button. Creating the Scheduled Command Start by opening the Butler menu and

  • Adding an admin to a team

    Teams also have admins which have the ability to add / remove members, and edit the name and description. To add a member as an admin, click on the button that says "Normal" to the right of the

  • Merging and splitting multiple Trello accounts

    We don't have a way to merge two different Trello accounts. However, we do have a workaround: Log into the account you do not wish to use anymore. On each board, invite your other user (the one you

  • Trello for Gmail Add-on

    The Trello for Gmail Add-on keeps your boards and inbox connected for maximum productivity. You can create new cards without leaving your inbox, whether that's on the web or your Gmail mobile app. Whe

  • Trello: Free vs. Business Class vs. Enterprise

    For a chart comparing Business Class and Enterprise with free Trello, see our pricing page. Trello offers two paid options geared towards collaboration: Trello Business Class and Trello Enterprise.

  • Re-inviting a person to a board who is not receiving an invitation email

    You may be in a situation where you invite a new Trello user to a board, but they did not receive an invitation email in their email inbox. Sometimes the email falls through the cracks and you want to

  • Logging out of Trello

    To log out of your current Trello session in the web browser, click on your avatar in the top right corner and choose "Log Out" from the bottom of the menu.      Log out of Trello by clicking your ava

  • Reporting Trello Android Bugs

    You want Trello on Android to be awesome. So do we! Although we strive to make Trello as polished as possible, sometimes there are bugs. A bug means "something is broken."  Explore Known Issues Trello

  • Requesting Additional Trello Seats

    If you're on an invoiced Trello plan (either Business Class or Enterprise), there is a cap on the maximum number of team members you can add, set to the number of seats that you've purchased. If you r

  • Getting started with Trello

    Check out this page for a quick overview of Trello—for a great, comprehensive overview of what terms mean in Trello, as well as how you might use it in your own life, check out our illustrated  Gettin

  • Trello for Android Wear

    Trello is available on all Android Wear devices, allowing you to reply to comments and @ mention notifications, and receive due date reminders. To get Trello on your Android wearable, simply pair with

  • Trello and Zapier integrations

    Table of contents Try out these Zapier integrations to combine Trello with another service. Creating Trello cards from new GitHub issues Posting new Trello activity to a HipChat room Creating Trello

  • Exporting data from Trello

    Trello currently has an export feature which is available to all board members, including board Observers. It can be found under the Board Menu > More > Print and Export. The format is JSON, which

  • Recovering your Trello account

    You can reset your password by going to If your email address is not associated with an existing Trello account, we'll let you know after you submit the form. Using the

  • Deleting your Trello account

    Deleting Trello with an Atlassian Account Using Trello with an Atlassian account? Here's how you can delete your account. Deleting Trello You can easily delete your Trello account by visiting

  • Trello Gold User Guide

    Do you want to get Trello Gold for your account? Upgrade at Stickers To use the additional stickers, go to the Menu on the right side of your board and select "Stickers". You can drag

  • Cancel Trello Business Class

    You can downgrade your Trello Business Class team from within your Trello account. This will stop you from being billed again in the future and will remove the option to use Business Class features

  • Smart Billing

    This article is for teams that were upgraded to Business Class between September 15, 2015 and August 23, 2016. Otherwise, see How Billing Works with Trello Business Class. If you're not sure what vers

  • Notifications are not working

    If you are not receiving Trello notifications, there may be several causes. You are not notified when you expect Trello will notify you on actions that happen for a card you are assigned to or

  • Adding labels to cards

    A label is a way of categorizing a card by type, represented by a color and term or, for colorless labels, a term only. There are 10 label colors to choose from in Trello, and a colorless label

  • Changing an Email Address

    The email address associated with your Trello account, also referred to as an account credential, can be used to log in to Trello, recover an account when the password has been forgotten, receive

  • Enabling and Using the Outlook add-in

    With the Trello add-in for Outlook you can create cards with descriptions and due dates, without ever leaving Outlook. The add-in is available for: Web: all users with, Office 365 or Excha

  • Using the Box Power-Up

    You can attach files from online storage providers like Box to a Trello card on any version of Trello. With the Box Power-Up, Trello will show you up-to-date information and previews for any Box files