Time Tracking

This feature is not currently available within Trello but we think it’s a great idea and something we may consider adding in the future when we have more developer resources to make it work.


Time tracking would allow users to track how much time they spend working on a particular card and to generate reports based on that information. This would likely be implemented as a power-up or in some other manner that's not part of the core Trello experience.


Here's a list of third-party apps that could help you out in the meantime:

3T: Track and estimate the time your cards spent for Doing/Current/Working/Ongoing list in your Trello boards dropped by your teammates. https://www.bsode.com

Assista: Assista is an autonomous system (bot) that automatically detects moving cards from list to list and calculates the time cards spend in each list.

Burndown for Trello: This 3rd party app that does burndown charts. https://www.burndownfortrello.com/

ClickTime: Intuitive time tracking software with customizable reporting for your projects and budgets. Track time and manage tasks and projects on cards right from your Trello board: https://www.clicktime.com/integrations/trello.

Clockify: Track time on cards right from Trello with just one click. Later, run time reports in Clockify, the only 100% free time tracking app. https://clockify.me/trello-time-tracking

Everhour: Accurate time tracking software for your team’s efficiency. See estimates and logged time right inside of your cards in Trello. Analyze the data with highly flexible reporting options.

Harvest Chrome Extension: The fine folks at Harvest have built a Chrome Extension that lets you track your time in Harvest directly from your Trello boards. http://www.getharvest.com/trello

Hubstaff Chrome Extension: Time tracking on Trello cards with screenshots & activity levels. They have a handy Chrome extension to track time without ever leaving Trello.

Plus for Trello Chrome Extension: Plus for Trello Track Spent/Estimate by Workspace, user, card, list, board, week, etc with embedded charts and reports using native Trello sync. Spent/Estimate can be entered from anywhere even mobile or browsers without Plus.

Punchtime: Track time on projects managed within Trello. http://www.punchti.me/

Paydirt: Time tracking that integrates with multiple web apps via a browser extension, including Trello:  https://paydirtapp.com/time-tracking-in-trello

Planyway: Track time spent on Trello tasks and record it in your timesheet manually or automatically by switching on a timer in Planyway. Compare estimated and actual time to get deeper insights into your team’s productivity. Export this data in Excel, CSV, iCal, or JSON formats and build powerful reports: https://planyway.com/help/time-tracking

Pomello: Pomello includes a Pomodoro timer that integrates with Trello tasks.

PomoDone: PomoDone is the easiest way to track your workflow using Pomodoro technique, on top of your current task management service. A Pomodoro timer for your favorite productivity tool.

Rotor for Trello: Rotor for Trello, a time tracking and reporting app for Trello. You can find additional information here.

TimeCamp Power-Up and Chrome Extension: TimeCamp has a TimeCamp Power-Up as well as a TimeCamp Timer Chrome extension that integrates with Trello.

Timely: Timely is an AI-powered time tracking software that automates company time tracking and timesheet creation.

Toggl Chrome Extension: Toggl is "insanely simple time tracking." They have a Toggl Button Chrome Extension that works with Trello.

Timepeeking: Timepeeking is a paid service that offers a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and manual time entry from your Trello cards.

Timeneye: Timeneye: simple, intelligent time tracking. Their Chrome Integration allows for seamless time tracking right in Trello.

Time for Trello: Time for Trello uses data entered in Trello to collect time information about your projects, tasks, and Workspace members.

TMetric: Trello time tracking app. Customizable reports and full-time control on your cards and board activity.

Time Doctor: Track time on Trello cards and get detailed analytics of where time was spent including website and application used when working.

TimeTrak: Whether it's just for interest, understanding your business's costs, or charging a client, TimeTrak allows you to report on time spent working on cards and task in your Trello boards. Read more about it here.

Tick: Tick is time tracking software that helps your team run more profitable projects by bringing budget feedback into your project management workflow. Read more here.

Zistemo: Zistemo time management software allows you to track time for all Trello tasks, watch the project progress, and sync all data in real-time. Without switching between apps.

Zapier: You can also use Zapier to connect your favorite time tracking apps to Trello.

Have another time tracking workaround?

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