How Billing Works with Trello Business Class

When you upgrade your Trello team to Trello Business Class you have the option to choose between a monthly or yearly billing plan. The cost is per-team member or Multi-Board Guest (so you will not be billed for individual board members on one board in your team, such as observers/guests).

If you have questions about specific billing statements, contact our support team! We'll be happy to help.

What constitutes a billable member?

A Trello user who is added as a member to a team—either as a normal member or as a team admin—is considered a billable team member that is included in the cost of Business Class.

Any team Guest that is on more than one board within the team is considered a Multi-Board Guest and is billed at the same rate as business class team members. See this page for more information on Multi-Board Guests.

You won't be billed for the following types of users with Business Class:

  • Virtual Users - These are people who are invited to a team but who haven’t yet created their Trello account. Once they accept their invitations and start using Trello, they’ll be converted automatically to a normal or admin member within the team, and become billable members.
  • Deactivated team members - Deactivated team members have had access to team resources disabled, but existing board and card membership preserved to help you know what work needs to be reassigned. Deactivated members are not billable.
  • Single-Board Guests - If you invite someone from outside your Trello team (this is called a Guest) to your board, they're free on their first board. Once the Guest has been added to a second board, a team admin will need to approve, as they will become a billable Multi-Board Guest. However, once that has been completed, any member can add that Guest to subsequent boards. 

How adding and removing team members affects billing

If you add members to your Business Class team or add team Guests to multiple boards after the initial upgrade, the additional user(s) will be charged a pro-rated membership fee for the remainder of the subscription period.

Removing or deactivating a member from the Business Class team frees up a membership spot which can then be taken over by a different user at no additional charge.

For example, although Casper works alone, he creates a team to group all of his mattress-testing boards. He pays $119.99 for the year for a single user. Three months later, he adds a contractor, Michael, to the team, to help test mattresses. Casper's card is charged $89.99, for a Business Class seat for 3/4 of a year. 

Two months later, Michael's contract is up. Casper deactivates Michael's account, which leaves his team with one open Business Class seat. He then adds Kristen to the team, and does not see a charge.

Billing FAQ

Do I need to pay for all team members, even if they're not admins?

Business Class is an upgrade for the entire team, not just admins, so the billing amount is based on the total number of active team members and Multi-Board Guests, including normal members, board members on more than one board, as well as admins.

Can I add someone to a board without paying to add them to the team?

Yes, as long as your team settings allow adding Guests to boards, those users can be added to their first board for free. This can be useful for adding external members to your team, such as clients or contractors. Once the member has been added to their second board they become Multi-Board Guests.

As a tradeoff, those team members will not receive some of the perks of Business Class. They'll still be able to see and use Power-Ups that you have enabled, but they will not be able to enable unlimited Power-Ups on boards themselves without Business Class. They also will not have the benefits of Trello Gold (large attachments, saved search, custom stickers/backgrounds/emoji), and will not be controllable with BC permissions (being able to deactivate a user/remove them from all team boards at once, view their recent activity, restricting team boards to team-members only or a certain domain only).

How can I replace a billed user?

Because Business Class is billed per team member, instead of per user account, you can remove a billed user and replace them with someone else at no additional cost.

To replace a billed user, remove an existing user from your team's Members tab then invite a new user in their place. As long as you don't exceed the number of member licenses purchased your credit card will not be billed for their access until the next billing cycle. You can check your team's receipts on the Billing tab to see how many seat licenses have been purchased in the current billing cycle and compare that to the team's Members page to ensure that a new license will not be purchased.

Will I be charged for Observers?

Observers are a per-board status for Team Members or Guests. If you have a Guest who has joined only one board on the team, you won't be billed for them and can designate them as a board Observer at no cost. However, if the user has been added to any additional boards, they become a Multi-board Guest who is a billable team member.

What happens if I upgrade from monthly to yearly?

Your subscription will remain active until the end of the billing period. Then, when your monthly subscription is due, you'll automatically be upgraded to yearly. That will be the start date of your new yearly billing subscription.

What if I still have questions?

We’re happy to help! Reach out to us on our contact page and we can explain any questions or concerns that you might have about the billing process.