Trello: free vs. Business Class vs. Enterprise

We're going through some changes! Trello Teams are now Workspaces. Soon, all boards will be in a Workspace. You might see us mention Teams in a few places as we're going through these changes. Thanks for your patience!

For a chart comparing Business Class and Enterprise with free Trello, see our pricing page.

Trello offers two paid options geared towards collaboration: Trello Business Class and Trello Enterprise. They’re ways to build on to the free Trello experience—Trello Business Class is intended for multi-user Workspaces to have more fine-grained control over who can access their boards, and Trello Enterprise allows for concierge support as well as additional security features important for large-scale enterprise Workspaces.


Most of what makes Trello great is available for free. You can create Workspaces, boards, and invite your friends and family to collaborate with you on them. There are some limitations on the free plan:

Trello Business Class

Trello Business Class includes privacy controls and other administrative tools that are helpful to businesses that want to take greater control of their boards and data. It also includes Trello Gold for all the users within the Workspace. Rather than upgrading one user at a time, you’ll upgrade an entire Workspace to Business Class. The upgrade gives you:

  • Unlimited Workspace boards — Open as many boards in your upgraded Workspace as you'd like, there are no limits.
  • Unlimited Power-Ups — Integrate applications and features you use on a daily basis right into your upgraded Trello boards, as many as you want.
  • Advanced checklists — Assign members and due dates to individual checklist items, or to entire cards.
  • Views — Take advantage of views to get a different perspective on your tasks. Use Timeline, Calendar, Dashboard, Maps or Table Views to get the best overview of what needs to be done.
  • Priority support — Customers with Business Class get priority email support, meaning we’ll make sure your questions get answered within one business day, guaranteed.
  • Admin controls — Workspace admins can see public and private boards in their Workspace, and control who can create boards in the Workspace.
  • Collections — Board Collections give you the ability to create groups of boards for your Workspace. 
  • Bulk-add members through Google Apps - Connect your business domain to Trello, and manage members all at once.
  • Domain-restricted invites - Don’t want to invite members from outside of your company domain? You can restrict invites to only go to addresses at your domain.
  • Deactivate members - Employees who leave the company can have their account deactivated in your Workspace, without removing their work or history. Helpful when transitioning a new person into the role.
  • Create outside observers - Business Class Workspace can have board observers, who can see board content, but not edit it.
  • Bulk data export - Export your Workspace's data all at once, in JSON or CSV. Helpful for easy backups.
  • Trello Gold - Business Class gives your Workspace members access to all of the Trello Gold features on other boards as well.

See the Business Class User Guide to learn more about individual features of Trello Business Class or watch the webinar on how to get started with Business Class as an admin.


While Trello's core features are free, Trello Business Class adds features and value to your Workspace, and costs $12.50 per Workspace member or Multi-Board Guest per month when billed monthly, or $119.99 per Workspace member or Multi-Board Guest per year when billed yearly.

The entire Workspace has to be upgraded—it’s not possible to have partial Business Class.

Trello Enterprise

  • Trello Enterprise includes all of our Business Class features.
  • Trello Enterprise Admin Dashboard - Manage Enterprise members, Workspaces and boards in a single place.
  • Workspace Reports for Enterprise - See stats about boards, members, and labels within an Enterprise Workspace.
  • Per-user licensing - Pay per-user, no matter how many Workspaces they're a member of.
  • Pay via invoice - Rather than keeping a credit card on file, our sales team will work with you to construct an invoice structure that works for you.

Contact our Sales team to discuss if Trello Enterprise is right for you.

What if I still have questions?

We’re happy to help! Contact us at with any questions or concerns that you might have about upgrading.