The boards page and boards drawer

The boards page and the boards drawer are two locations in Trello where you can easily organize and access your Trello boards.

The boards page

To access your boards page, when logged in to Trello go to the home page at and click on the boards tab below the home tab. 

You can also directly navigate to

On the boards page all of your boards are laid out as tiles in a grid format in two sections: Starred Boards and Workspace Boards. If you have set board backgrounds for your boards each tile will have the same background as your board.

View all of your boards from the boards page.

The boards drawer

To access the boards drawer select the "Boards" icon in the top left corner of the Trello header in your browser.

Click the Boards icon to view a list of your boards.

In the boards drawer you will also find your boards organized by Starred Boards and Workspace Boards as well as a Recent Boards section of recently viewed boards. These sections can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the + or - icons to the right of each section. You can also view all of your closed boards from the "See closed boards..." link at the bottom of the boards drawer.

See closed boards or search for boards in the boards drawer.

To quickly find a board in your boards drawer you can search for it by entering the board's name in the "Find boards by name..." field.

Quickly find your boards by searching for them by name.

Removing a board from the "Recent Boards" list

If you don't want to see a board on your recent boards list, you can remove it. When you hover over board tile, you'll see an "X" and a star icon appear — click on the "X" to remove the board from the list.

Starred boards

When you hover your mouse over a board tile you will see a little star icon that can be selected. When a board has been "starred" it will appear in the Starred Boards section of your boards page and boards drawer. You can drag-and-drop starred boards into whatever order works best for you so that you can easily find the boards that you need to access the most. There is no limit to the number of boards that you can star.

Hover your mouse over a board tile and click the star to star a board.

Workspace Boards

Boards within each Workspace you are a member of will be grouped together under that Workspace's name. On the boards page next to the name of the Workspace you will see several buttons you can select to be taken to the Workspace's respective pages. You can also get to your Workspace's page from the boards drawer by clicking your Workspace's name.

Recent board activity

A small blue dot on your board's tile means that there has been activity on the board since the last time you opened it. 

Recent board activity is signaled by a blue dot on a board tile.

Once you have opened the board, you can use the board activity feed within the board menu to review recent activity.

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