Using the Card Aging Power-Up

The Card Aging Power-Up helps you see cards on a board that haven’t been touched in a while. When enabled, cards will visibly age with inactivity.

There are two modes of card aging: “Regular” and “Pirate”. In regular mode, cards become progressively more transparent and “fade out” the longer they remain untouched. In pirate mode, cards will tear, yellow, and crack like an old pirate map. You can adjust these settings by clicking on the settings gear icon:

Here is an example of card aging in "Regular" mode:

Inactive cards slowly fade out with card aging

The following chart displays the various gradients of card aging for both "Regular" and "Pirate Mode".

Unaged, regular, and pirate mode cards.

Last Updated

When card aging is enabled on a board you will also be able to see when a card was last updated. Open the card and the time and date of the last update will be beneath the card's title.

See when a card was last updated on the card's back.
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