Switching your user account with Google Auth

If you use Google Auth to connect to Trello, but you switch Google Auth providers, you may want to add Google Auth login to the new email address. This can happen if e.g. your company changes its name and you go from @oldcompany.com to @newcompany.com.

You can add the new email address as a Google Auth provider, but it takes several steps. For the purpose of this example, we're going to assume you have two email addresses:

  • john@oldcompany.com - this is the address that is currently connected to Trello with Google Auth
  • john@newcompany.com - this is the address with which you want to be able to log in via Google Auth

Before you begin, if you already have a separate Trello account associated with john@newcompany.com, the following steps may not work out the way you hope. If you're not actively using that account, it's best to delete the account. If you don't already have an account for john@newcompany.com, you can skip to the next section. Here are the steps to delete the john@newcompany.com account:

  1. Log out of Trello
  2. Log in using john@newcompany.com
  3. Delete the account at https://trello.com/your/account (or change the email address, which may give you mixed results).

Once you've ensured there's not already an account for john@newcompany.com, use the following steps:

  1. Log out of Trello
  2. Log in to Trello using your john@oldcompany.com account.
  3. Create a password for this account at https://trello.com/your/account (note the password, you'll need it later)
  4. Log out of all your Google Accounts
  5. Log into your john@newcompany.com Google Account.
  6. Go to https://trello.com/login
  7. Click the button to log in with your Google Account
  8. Trello will say (paraphrased) "we haven't seen this email before, do you want to associate it with an existing account"? 
  9. Choose the option to merge with an existing account
  10. This will bring up the Trello login page.
  11. Enter your john@oldcompany.com email address and your password (see step 3 above).
  12. You'll now be logged into the Trello account associated with john@oldcompany.com, but the john@newcompany.com login will be associated with it as well.
  13. Change your email address at https://trello.com/your/account to be your john@newcompany.com email address.