Earning and Activating Free Trello Gold

Recommending people to Trello

If you get someone to start using Trello, you get a free month of Trello Gold (up to twelve months free). There are several ways to recommend someone to Trello: 

1. Sharing your personalized link from trello.com/recommend.

2. Sharing your personalized link from the "share" button on any template at trello.com/templates, or from the "share" link found on any public template board. 

3. Inviting someone new to work with you on a Trello board.

An invited or recommended person must successfully sign up and confirm their email address in order for you to get a free credit for Trello Gold. Virtual Users will not count towards your referral credits and must confirm their account first.

I didn't receive Gold credit after referring someone

If the user you invited hasn't confirmed their account yet through the link in their email, you won't receive credit. Additionally, if you've reached your 12 month limit on free credit, you won't receive any additional credit for inviting other users. We still really appreciate you spreading the word though!

If neither of these situations seem to apply to you and you still haven't received your credit, feel free to reach out to us at https://trello.com/contact.