Leaving a board in Trello

To leave a board in Trello, open the board menu on the right side of the board, click "More" and choose "Leave Board". This will remove your user from the board, which means you may no longer be able to access the board.

You can leave a board you are no longer collaborating on.

If you're looking to close the board for all users of the board, see Closing a board

If you're trying to leave a board after it's been closed, you can do so on  this page.

Leaving a board if you're the only admin

Trello won't let you leave a board if you're the only admin or member of that board. Presumably, someone needs to be in control of the board. If this happens, and you still want to leave the board, you can make the user named 'trello' an admin of that board and then leave the board. 'trello' is a demo user we created for the Welcome Board and is not used by an actual human.