Receiving Trello notifications

When  watching a card, you’ll get notifications for…

  • All comments from other users
  • Adding, changing, and upcoming due dates
  • Card moves and archives
  • Attachments uploaded to a card

When  watching a list or board…

  • You’ll get the same notifications listed above, but for all cards in a list or board.
  • You’ll also get notifications for all newly created cards

And at any time, you’ll get notifications when…

  • You are mentioned in a comment.
  • You are added to a card, board, or team.
  • You are mentioned in a checklist item.
  • One of your boards is closed.
  • When someone makes you an admin of a board or team.

The Notifications Panel

Notifications are represented on the Trello site with a bell shaped button in the top right corner. When you have new notifications the button turns red. Click on the notifications button to view your notifications. You'll see the notifications grouped by card.

Also, by default you will receive a notification email for any notifications that go unread within Trello.

The red bell icon means you have new notifications.

Marking Notifications as Read

After clicking on the bell icon, you'll see all unread notifications. You can individually mark them as read or mark all as read at once via the 'Mark All as Red' link in the top right corner. To view all your notifications, including notifications that have been marked as read already, click on 'View All' in the top left. 

Pro-tip: Are you receiving too many or not enough notifications for cards that you're interested in? You can now start or stop watching cards directly from within the notifications panel. Just click on the "..." icon beneath the read/unread dot on the left.  There, set or remove the checkmark to watch a specific board, list or card.

Due Date Notifications

If you set a due date on a card and you are a member of the card (or watching the card), you will receive a notification about the card twenty-four hours before it is due. Notifications for due dates only occur twenty-four hours before the card is due and if you are not watching the card or have not been added you will not receive a notification.

To mark a card as complete or change the due date from within the notifications panel, click on the ellipsis icon to see additional card actions.

We're currently working on improving notifications. Do you have any comments or suggestions regarding the notifications panel that you'd like to share with us? Feel free to reach out via the Tell us what you think! link in the yellow banner. 

Notification Emails and Preferences

You can change how often you get notification emails in your  "Account" page. You can also set your notification email preferences by clicking the Notifications button in the header and selecting "Change Notification Email Frequency". Options are "Never", "Periodically", and "Instantly." "Instantly" is the default and any unread notifications in Trello are emailed out as soon as possible.

Set how often you want to receive email notifications from Trello.

Emails contain a collection of all unread notifications. Email summaries won't include any notifications you've already read on the site. You can reply to individual notifications from within a notification email to add a new comment to the card that is referenced in each notification.

Desktop Notifications

If you’re using Chrome, Safari or Firefox, your browser can generate desktop notifications, an emerging web standard. (At this time, they're not supported in Internet Explorer or Edge.) Just click on your name in the header, and select "Settings" then select “Enable Desktop Notifications…” from the settings page. Now when you get a notification, a small window with the notification will show up in the corner of your desktop. Desktop notifications can also be set in your " Account" page.

If you would like to disable Trello desktop notifications in Chrome & Firefox, while at you can select the lock icon in your browser's address bar and under Permissions change the Notifications permissions to block. To disable Trello desktop notifications in Safari, in the Safari header select "Safari", then "Preferences", then "Notifications." In the notifications tab you will want to find in the list of websites and select "Deny."

Note: If you have previously denied desktop notifications in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari you may not see the option to enable desktop notifications in your Trello settings page. If this is the case then you can still enable Trello desktop notifications in Chrome and Firefox by selecting the lock icon in your browser's address bar and under Permissions changing the Notifications permissions to allow. In Safari you can enable desktop notifications by selecting "Safari" from the browser's header, then "Preferences", then "Notifications." In the notifications tab you will want to find in the list of websites and select "Allow."