Searching for cards on a board

This article is about searching for cards on a specific board. To search for all cards across all boards, see Search for Cards (All Boards).

Searching on a board allows you to find cards with specific labels, members assigned to cards, due dates, and keywords. The search will stay in place until you dismiss it, even if you leave the board or go to calendar view.

How to search within a board

You can search using the "Search" option in the board's menu, then selecting a combination of labels, members, due dates and keywords.

Searches are applied per member then by selected labels. For example, if you select "Jane" and "Jason" and the "Red" and "Yellow" labels, the search highlights cards assigned to either Jason or Jane (or both) that have at least one of the red or yellow labels.

If you select one or more labels, but no members, the search highlights cards with any of the selected labels, i.e. all red-labeled, yellow-labeled, or red-and-yellow-labeled cards. If you select one or more members, but no labels, the search highlights cards with any of the selected members, i.e. all cards assigned to "Jason", "Jane", or both.

Due dates can be searched for by the following criteria: due in the next day, due in the next week, due in the next month, and overdue.

You can also search by card title using comma-separated terms. Items are filtered using the subset of cards with matching terms, then searched as above. Try typing "*" or "/", without any other text– this will show the number of cards per list.

Searching for Custom Fields

While labels and board members have dedicated buttons to search for on those items, data in Custom Fields is searched through the search box. Typing the name of or data within your Custom Field in that box will search the board for matching cards:

Removing the search

A search will remain on your board until cleared, even if you refresh the page or log out. Clear all search by clicking the "x" in the green "Search result" indicator at the top of your board, by clicking "Clear Search" at the bottom of the Search menu or by using the "x" keyboard shortcut.

Clear the search to display all of your cards again.


To open the card search menu, use the "f" keyboard shortcut. To search only for your cards, use the "q" keyboard shortcut. To remove all active searches, use the "x" keyboard shortcut.

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