Reopening a closed board

To reopen a board, first, click on the Boards button from the Trello homepage or directly from

Choose the ‘View all closed boards' button. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the page if you have a lot of boards.

Find the board and click " Re-open".

You will need to have been a Board Admin to reopen a board.

You can choose a different Workspace by clicking on the drop-down menu with your Workspace's name. 

Missing a board? 

The Closed Boards drawer will only show the boards that you are a member of, and Workspace-Visible boards that you did not join will not show on the list.

However, Premium Workspace Admin can reopen a Workspace board they're not a member of by entering the board link directly in their address bar to see the 'Closed Board' page and an option to re-open the board.