Trello for Wear OS

Trello is available on all Wear OS devices, allowing you to reply to comments and @mention notifications, and receive due date reminders.

To get Trello on your Android wearable, simply pair with an Android device running the latest version of Trello for Android.

Reply to comment notifications

When someone comments on a card you’re watching or mentions you in a comment, you’ll automatically get a notification on your Android wearable. Swipe to the left, hit reply, and speak your reply. Your comment will be added to the card and the original commenter will be notified.

Reply to comments or @ mentions with your Wear OS device.

Due date reminders

Due date reminders will be automatically sent to your Wear OS device for any cards that you are a member of or subscribed to. From the reminder you can open the card on your phone from your watch by swiping the reminder left and selecting "Open on phone".