Changing your profile picture (avatar)

Using Trello with an Atlassian account? Here's how you can change your avatar. 

To change your Trello profile picture, also called your avatar, go to— hover over your existing avatar and choose "Change". You have several options from which to choose:

  • Initials (no avatar) - Instead of a profile picture, your initials will appear.
  • Upload a new picture - Upload a picture from your computer.
  • Take Photo With Camera - If you are using Google Chrome (on a computer with a web cam) or the Trello iOS App, you can use your camera to create a new avatar.

Your account's avatar is visible to anyone on the internet, including those that find you through search engines like Google. Trello also supports  Gravatar, a site that lets you upload your avatar once and use it on various sites across the internet. Trello will default to using your Gravatar if that is available. Note that WordPress avatars are automatically uploaded through Gravatar.