Trello Enterprise and Atlassian accounts

By the end of January 2022, all Trello accounts will be associated with an Atlassian account, including Trello accounts managed by Trello Enterprise. This page will help Enterprise admins understand the implications of these changes and what preparation, if any, is needed. This article is primarily directed toward admins of legacy Enterprises, as all users the with newest version of Enterprise (released in July of 2020) are already on an Atlassian account.

How do I know if I already have an Atlassian account associated with my Trello account? 
The quickest way to determine that is to go to your profile page at If you see a link to change your profile information in an Atlassian account, then it is already linked. If you can change all your profile information in Trello directly, it isn't linked.

How will this impact my managed users?

Changes within Trello

For most users, the only change will be their experience logging in to Trello, as users will now be required to use Atlassian account.

If SSO is enforced for your Enterprise, your users will be required to log in through both your SSO provider as it is configured for your Trello Enterprise, and Atlassian account. Depending on whether your company also has an Atlassian organization and what the organization’s security settings are, this may be through SSO or with an email address and password. If the Atlassian organization uses the same SSO setup as the Trello Enterprise, the user will only have to go through SSO once.

If SSO is not enforced for your Trello Enterprise, users will not need to go through the two-step login process. Instead, they can log in with only their Atlassian account. After moving to an Atlassian account, their Trello password will no longer work. They will either need to set a password, or, if required by the Atlassian organization, log in with SSO—even if they weren’t using SSO for Trello before.

Changes for Atlassian organizations

If your company also has an Atlassian organization and has claimed its domain, then your managed users on that domain will be managed by both the Trello Enterprise and the Atlassian organization. The organization admin can change end users' profile information, enforce security settings, and deactivate or delete an Atlassian account.

Note that if a user’s Atlassian account is deactivated or deleted, their Trello account will be deactivated or deleted as well. This can only be reversed by the organization admin. Deactivated or deleted users will not count toward the number of licensed users for your Enterprise. However, Trello users who have been deactivated from your Enterprise will not automatically have their Atlassian account deactivated.

What’s not changing

This will not change users' access to Trello boards or workspaces, or other permissions within Trello.

What do I need to do?

You do not need to do anything for this change to take place, but there are some optional steps, described below, which we recommend.

Reviewing your managed users' emails and initiating the migration

Starting in November, you will be able to access a migration page from your Enterprise admin dashboard. On this page, you can choose to begin the process of migrating your managed users to Atlassian account. If you do not do this, they will be migrated automatically in January. If any of your managed users currently have multiple email addresses on their Atlassian account, they will be listed on this page as well, and you will be able to select the correct email address for each user. This is not a requirement for the migration, but it will help make sure that your managed users' new Atlassian account are set up correctly.

Reviewing deactivated users

Some Enterprise users already have Atlassian accounts which have been deactivated. When these users are migrated to an Atlassian account, their Trello account will immediately become deactivated, and they will not be able to log in to Trello. If any of the managed users in your Trello Enterprise have been active in Trello within the past year but have a deactivated Atlassian account, all admins for the Enterprise will receive an email with the list of the impacted users. If you would like these accounts to remain active, you will need to talk to the admin for the Atlassian organization to make this change.

Moving to Atlassian Access

Finally, if you are currently enforcing SSO and do not want your users to have to go through a 2-step login process, you have the option of moving your SSO configuration to Atlassian Access. Although Atlassian Access is a paid product, there's no charge for users with a Trello Enterprise license.

If you decide to consolidate your SSO settings and move to Atlassian Access, the following pages can help you with that process: