Loom Integration

Loom Integration: Video recording in Trello

Note The Loom integration for Trello is currently in beta and available for Free, Standard and Premium customers. It is currently only supported on Chrome, Edge, and Brave browsers; as soon as the Loom SDK supports additional browsers we will be supporting them as well.

With the Loom integration for Trello, teams can easily create and share screencast videos in Trello, as comments in cards or as Link cards, for updates, feedback, and other important information that can be accessed wherever and whenever people are working. 

How To Start Using Loom In Trello

You can record up to five videos with Loom without even signing up for an account. Loom also offers extensive free and paid plans that scale to enterprise.

To create a Loom video comment:

  1. From the card back, click the card’s comment field
  2. Click the Loom video icon at the bottom of the comment field
  3. Install and set up the Loom browser extension or desktop app (if you haven’t already)
  4. Select your video and recording settings and press “Start recording”
  5. Choose what part of your screen to share and click “Share”
  6. Record your video, and then click the recording icon at the bottom of the screen to stop
  7. If everything looks good click “Insert recording” and a video comment will be created
  8. Press play to view the recording from the card back 

These videos will be recorded into your “Personal Workspace” in Loom. Note that if your company already uses Loom and has a Loom Enterprise account, you’ll need a Creator license for Loom in order for the video recordings to end up in your Loom Enterprise workspace. This is entirely separate from Trello workspaces or Trello Enterprise accounts, and any issues or questions can be directed to the Loom Support team.

Recording limitations

  • Free Loom accounts can record up to 25 videos.
  • Unregistered users can record up to 5 videos. Register an account with Loom or log in to your Loom account to record additional videos.

Deleting Loom recordings

Recordings are saved to Loom's server and associated with the Loom account you're logged in with at the time of recording. See: How to delete your videos

If you wish to delete a Guest recording that was created without logging in to a Loom account, contact the Loom Support team directly and include a link to the recording in your support case.