Linking a Premium Workspace with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Premium Workspace can connect their Trello accounts to their Google Apps domain in order to invite domain members.

You must be a Google Workspace admin and an Admin of your Trello Workspace with the same email address in order to link them together.

First steps 

A few beginning steps will help make this go more smoothly:

  1. Make sure your Trello account and Google Workspace admin account use the same email, and that you're an admin of your Trello Workspace
  2. Your Google Workspace should allow third-party and internal apps to access your Google Workspace data

Install the Trello Business Class app from Google Marketplace

Start the process in Trello by going to your Workspace's members tab. Select "Invite Workspace members" then select "Using Google Apps? Link Google Apps domain". 

Click the "Go to Google Apps Marketplace" button, then proceed with installing the application in your Google Workspace domain. You will only be able to install the Trello Business Class app if you are currently logged in as the admin of your Google Workspace.

Continue through the installation process, first allowing a "Domain wide install", then allowing the Trello Business Class app access to data in your Google Workspace. 

Additional Setup

Be sure to complete this step. This step confirms the connection between your Google Workspace account and your Trello Business Class Workspace. This step is required in order for your Google domain members to appear in the members tab in Trello.

When completed successfully, you will see this page:

View and add members in Trello

Once you've successfully installed the Trello Business Class app in your Google Workspace, you will be able to add Google Workspace domain members to your Trello Workspace by clicking the "Add member" button for that member.

Linking Google Apps if the Trello App is already installed

If you already have the Trello App installed in Google Apps, the linking instructions in our Premium User Guide won't work. Instead, you'll need to manage the connection from within Google Apps.

  1. Navigate to your domain's Admin console
  2. Click "Apps," then "Marketplace Apps," and select "Trello Business Class." 
  3. From there, expand the "Settings" section, then click "Go to Trello Business Class for setup" 
  4. This should open a Trello page that will allow you to link your domain to Trello. 
  5. Click your Workspace name. This will initiate the linking process between Trello and your domain.

Troubleshooting and Support

Have any feedback, questions, or problems with the Table View? Check out the FAQ's section first, otherwise, feel free to reach out to our team at