Legacy Business Class Subscriptions

Over time, Trello's Business Class product has gone through a few different versions. These legacy versions of Business Class are priced differently, but importantly, are no longer receiving updates or new features. To help reduce feature confusion and make sure all subscribers are getting the best experience, it's no longer possible to renew older versions of Business Class.

Trello Premium is the new version of Business Class, and if your workspace is currently subscribed to one of these legacy Business Class versions, we'll help get you up-to-date with Premium! 

Feature differences

All prior Business Class subscriptions feature advanced workspace admin controls, restrictions, the ability to add Observers, and Priority Support. The full feature set is outlined here: https://help.trello.com/article/714-business-class-user-guide

Trello Premium adds two big features, in addition to any future updates and new features:

  • Advanced Checklists (also available in Trello Standard) lets you assign members and dates to specific checklist items, separate from card-level membership and dates
  • 📊 Views are brand new ways of looking at your boards; you've still got the standard board format, plus an all new Calendar View, Timeline View, Map View, Table View, and more 

Depending on the age of your legacy version, Premium would also add Collections to help you organize your workspace boards.

Pricing differences

Previous versions of Business Class offered more complex billing systems that added credit for inactive users. For many customers, this caused a lot of billing confusion, and Premium is priced strictly per-user.

A user is defined by two things:

Previous versions of Business Class may have Guests on many boards that are not currently consuming a license, who would need one when upgrading, so user counts may look different. In those cases, you can remove those Guests before completing the upgrade.

How to upgrade

You'll need to be an admin on the workspace to complete the upgrade. First, you'll probably want to look over your workspace's current membership, both Members and Guests (at https://trello.com/[your-workspace-name-here]/members), to make sure it's still accurate. Remember that you'll be charged for Guests that are on multiple boards, which you may not have before, so you may consider removing some Members or Guests: https://help.trello.com/article/742-removing-people-from-a-workspace

When you're ready to proceed, head to your workspace's Billing tab (at https://trello.com/[your-workspace-name-here]/billing), you'll see a yellow info box summarizing your specific pricing change, as well as a discount to help offset those changes. The current subscription you have will end immediately, and a new billing period will begin. The time left on your current subscription is added as credit to the new charge. Click Update now to complete the upgrade; your card will be charged immediately.

If you have any questions about your upgrade price, don't hesitate to reach out via https://trello.com/contact and we'll be glad to help walk you through!