Correcting your email on Trello and Atlassian accounts

If you or your admin edited the email address on your Atlassian account and you’ve used that email address in Trello in the past, this can cause some problems down the road. When this happens, you could have two separate Trello accounts that use the same email address––one account linked to your Atlassian account and one  not linked to Atlassian account. This will cause an account conflict during your Trello account's migration into an Atlassian account. 

How do I know if my account has an email conflict? 

The first indication is during the Trello account's migration process to the Atlassian account. You may see an error message that something went wrong:

An Atlassian account can belong to only one Trello account at a time, and this error message usually means that there's a different Trello account already associated with your Atlassian account.

If your Trello account is already linked to an Atlassian account and you believe there’s a conflict between your Trello and Atlassian email addresses:

  • Go to
  • Log in with your new email address
  • Click on the Trello tile from
  • Get redirected back to Trello where you’ll see the your old email address registered to the account.

How can I proactively prevent this?

To prevent access and permission issues later, we recommend taking action on your account in one of the following ways:

Change the email address associated with either your Atlassian or Trello account. 

Consider the information stored in your Trello account and use an email address that is relevant and accurate. For example, if the content in your Trello account is personal, like vacation planning and recipe ideas, use a valid personal email address. If you use Trello for work, keep your primary company email address on file. Changing the email address will allow your Trello and Atlassian accounts to sync up credentials and become permanently merged.

Note that by using a company email, your company admin can manage your account

Transfer your Trello boards from one account to the other. 

If you have two Trello accounts and only need one, you can consolidate and transfer board membership to the account you wish to keep and delete the account you don’t need.

Delete either account if you no longer intend to use them.

Deleting the account will permanently remove your data from our system. It isn't possible to recover or an account or data once it has been deleted

What if I don't take action?

If no action is taken and the email is already in use on an Atlassian account, the email address of the Trello account that is not linked to Atlassian will change . We strongly recommend taking action to prevent any possible loss of access to the boards in the Trello account. For questions or if you need more help, contact our support team.

What if my Trello account is not linked to an Atlassian account?

If you need to change your email, or otherwise manage your Trello account:

  • go to
  • log in with your Trello username or email address & your password 
  • go to your profile page at to enter your new email
  • Trello will send you an email with a link to confirm your address. Follow that link from the email, and log into your account with your previous email once more. Then, you will see your new email address is updated on your profile page.

Once your email is updated you can link your Trello account to your Atlassian account from