Bonus Power-Ups

What are Bonus Power-Ups?

Bonus Power-Ups are Power-Ups that do not count against the Power-Up limit when enabled. They continue to not count against the Power-Up limit so long as they stay enabled on that board.

Power-Ups are made Bonus so that you can give them a try without them taking up a slot in your Power-Ups' limit.

How long is a Power-Up Bonus for?

When a Bonus Power-Up is enabled on a board, it will never count against the Power-Up limit so long as it is enabled.

Power-Ups are marked as Bonus for different lengths of time. Generally, a Power-Up's listing page will include information regarding how long it will be a Bonus Power-Up for.

If you have a Bonus Power-Up enabled on a board, the Power-Up has its Bonus status removed (no longer shows up in the directory with the Bonus badge), you disable the Power-Up from the board, then the Power-Up will again count against the Power-Up limit.

How do I know if a Power-Up is a Bonus or not?

We've added a number of badges throughout the Power-Up's directory to let you know that a Power-Up is a bonus. In general, the Power-Up will always have a badge with a present icon 🎁and the words Bonus to indicate that it is currently a Bonus Power-Up.

For example, here is the Bitbucket Cloud Power-Up marked as Bonus in the Made by Trello section selection:

You will notice that the Confluence Cloud Power-Up is also a Bonus Power-Up.

Additionally, when you view a Power-Up's listing page, it will have an additional badge on the left indicating that it is a Bonus Power-Up. 

If a Power-Up is enabled on a board already and is a Bonus Power-Up, it will look like this when viewing the Power-Up's directory on the board: