Enterprise management of personal boards

We are making some updates to enhance the security of Trello Enterprise. When these updates are ready to be rolled out to your Enterprise, you will receive a notification via email and an in-product banner. These updates may affect some personal boards (boards that are not on any Enterprise teams) of Trello Enterprise users based on the following parameters: 

  • If all admins on a personal board are licensed, managed users of the Enterprise, the board will become part of the Enterprise on Trello.
 Note: All future personal boards created by the user that meet this criteria will automatically be part of the Enterprise as well.
  • If one or more board admins are not part of Enterprise, nothing will change.

This won’t affect the board’s visibility settings. However, boards that become part of the Enterprise will become subject to the organization’s rules and policies. Initially, this means these boards will not be able to be copied or moved outside of the Enterprise. Eventually this will mean that all Enterprise-wide permissions, public board visibility, and Power-Up administration will apply to personal boards within the Enterprise. 

Trello Enterprise users will be notified of this change by an in-app banner and an email, both of which will contain a link to a page that shows how their personal boards are affected.

Board guests in the Enterprise

Any board guests on personal boards added to the Enterprise will now show in the “Board Guests” tab in the Enterprise Admin Dashboard. Due to this, you may see a sudden increase in the number of board guests in your Enterprise when the personal board ownership updates occur.