Access for Trello

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Early Access Program (EAP)

Update: At this time we are no longer adding organizations to the Early Access Program. We will be integrating Trello for existing Atlassian Access subscribers starting early 2020.

We’re excited to share that Atlassian Access for Trello accounts is coming very soon. Access is a product offering which enables visibility and security across all Atlassian products at your company (of which Trello is one). It gives admins a way to manage users and enforce security policies - like Single Sign-On and multi-factor authentication - all for only $3/month per user (with additional volume and annual discounts available).

Through the Early Access Program, our team will link your Trello users to an Atlassian account, and those users will then be covered by Atlassian Access features. Access functionality for Trello users will become more full featured over the next few months, but many core features – like SSO, MFA, and premium Support – are available and ready!

What will happen once the EAP is over? 
After the initial EAP period is over, we will begin rolling all Trello users into existing Access subscriptions. If you are currently subscribed to Atlassian Access, you will receive a notice that we will begin linking Trello accounts (with an email using the domain you have verified) to an Atlassian account and adding unique billable users to your Access subscription. 

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