Managed Atlassian Accounts For Trello

If you’ve arrived at this page and you’re using Trello with your company’s email address, we’ve probably let you know that your organization will soon manage your Trello account for increased security. You can find out what that means for you on this page. 

What does becoming a Managed Trello User mean for you?

This Trello account should now be used for work for this company only. Please use a separate account with a personal email for other Trello projects. 

Please be aware that once your Atlassian organization administrator manages your Trello account:

  • they can delete or deactivate your Trello account
  • you will be required to log in to Trello using Atlassian account. When you enter your email on the Trello login screen, a popup will tell you to log in with your Atlassian account. Click through to continue logging into Trello. If your team has enabled login via SSO, you will then be taken to your SSO provider. 
  • your name, avatar, and email address will come from your Atlassian account

How do I become Managed? 

To prepare for your account to be managed, we’ve created an Atlassian account for you - if you don't have one already - with the profile from your Trello account.

Your admin will be able to make changes to your name, avatar, and email in your Atlassian account profile. You can view your Atlassian account profile at this link (you may need to reset your password if you've never logged into this Atlassian account before). If your Identity Provider (IdP) is set up to push this information to your profile, then you will not be able to change it. If your IdP is not configured to do this, however, you can edit all of the information at that link. This information is what other people in your company will be able to see if they try to search for you, even from other Atlassian products that you may not use.

You can finish upgrading to a managed Atlassian account at When you log in to Trello, you will see a banner at the top of the screen (if you do not see it, please refresh your browser). 

  1. Before you connect your account: Move any personal or other boards that should not be in this company’s work-related Trello account to a separate non-work Trello account that you can access in the event that your admin disables or deletes your account. Here’s an easy way: 
    1. While logged into the account that’s becoming managed visit: to transfer all of your boards to the account you want to keep. Make sure to use the correct username or email address here, as that user will be added as a member to the boards in question. (If you don’t already have a separate account for non-work things, you’ll need to create one.) 
    2. Check Remove your account @X from boards after they've been transferred to @Y so that this work account is removed from the boards. 
    3. Once you click on the Transfer Boards button, the new member will be added to the boards. (FYI, any cards you are assigned to (and some other things) won't be replaced by the new user when moving the board.) 
  2. Your work Trello account should have only your work email address. Remove any other emails from this account (we’ll let you know in an email which email to keep). You will not be able to successfully onboard until this is done. 
  3. Click on “Connect your Atlassian account”.

  4. You will be taken to the Atlassian login screen. Enter the email you use to log into Trello and hit “Continue”. 

  5. If your team has enabled login via SSO, you will be taken to your SSO provider. Log in with your SSO credentials. If you are blocked by your SSO provider at this point, you may need to ask your admin to add you to your SSO provider so that you can finish logging in. If your team has not enabled login via SSO, log in with your email address and password.
  6. Success! The linking process is complete, and you will be sent back to Trello.

How do I log in after becoming a Managed user? 

On enter your email address. Our system will recognize that your account is SSO-enforced. Click the "Login with Atlassian" link to login. 

Why is this happening?

Managed Atlassian accounts enable visibility and security across your whole company into all of the Atlassian products (of which Trello is one). It gives your admin a way to manage users and enforce security policies like SSO or two-step verification, in addition to providing user provisioning functionality and premier support.

What is an Atlassian account?

An Atlassian account is your online profile or identity that exists independently across all of the Atlassian products you use (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and now Trello). Once the linking process is complete, this is the account you will use to log into Trello (and any other Atlassian products you use). 

What if I already have an Atlassian account? 

Great! Then this should be pretty familiar for you. Once you’ve connected your Trello account to your existing Atlassian Account, your Trello account will become Managed and you’ll use your Atlassian account to log into Trello just like you do Jira, Confluence, etc. 
NOTE: Your existing Atlassian account name will be your name in this Trello account. Your Trello profile is public, so be sure to check what’s in your Atlassian account to make sure it matches what you want to be displayed in Trello.

What if I don’t use this Trello account for this company? 

If this account is only used for personal reasons or things unrelated to this company, you can change the email address on this account to a personal email. This will remove the banner and exclude your account from being Managed.