Configuring SSO for your Enterprise

This page will help you set up SSO on older versions of Trello Enterprise. If you purchased Enterprise after July 2020, the new version of Trello Enterprise links to an Atlassian Organization and provides SSO via Atlassian Access.

Trello Enterprise subscribers are able to set up SSO to Trello, and we support both IDP-initiated and SP-initiated SSO integrations with any SAML 2.0 SSO identity provider. We have pre-built integrations with:

  • Azure AD
  • Bitium
  • G Suite SAML
  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • RSA SecurID

SSO can be set up as either a convenience or required. If you enforce SSO, this will impact all Trello users on your domain, not just your Enterprise members. This will also impact any former employees still having your corporate email associated with their account.

Setting up SSO

From the Enterprise Dashboard, you can click on SSO Setup in the left side panel, under the security section:

Next, you'll fill in the Identity Provider Login URL and the SAML Certificate provided by your SSO provider:

Below that, you're given your Enterprise's ACS or Consume URL, Identifier URL, and the Trello Login URL, as well as the SAML attributes that your provider needs to pass correctly to Trello for login to work:


When you're ready to enforce SSO, reach out to let us know, and we'll be happy to get that process started!

I want SSO, but don't have Enterprise

Great news—while Trello's implementation of SSO is only available for Enterprise, separately from Trello Enterprise, Atlassian offers Access, a product which enables visibility and security across all Atlassian products at your company (including Trello). It gives admins a way to manage users and enforce security policies - like SSO and multi-factor authentication - all for only $3/month per user (with additional volume and annual discounts available).

For more information about Access for Trello, check out these resources:

  • More information about Access here
  • Talk to our Sales team about Access pricing here