Appending text to a card name or description

You can insert or append text to the name of a card by renaming it and using the {cardname} variable in a command.

The variable {cardname} will be replaced with the current name of the card. The end result will be the current name of the card plus the additional text. For example, a card titled "Task" will be renamed to "Task - Done!"

Similarly, you can extend the description of a card.

Notice the use of the special sequence \n\n. This introduces two new line characters, which will break the text into a separate line in Trello, similar to manually using the Enter key when editing a description. Setting the description of a card with Butler uses the same markdown format as Trello.

Also notice that more than one variable can be used. The example shows the use of a Custom Field variable to append the value of a custom field. You can see a full list of available variables with Butler here: