Archiving Trello cards automatically

With Butler, cards can be automatically archived at a specific time with a scheduled command or instantly with a board button. 

Creating the scheduled command

Start by opening the Butler menu and select the Calendar commands section, then the green Create Command button. Add a trigger then choose the interval of time you'd like the command to run, for example every Friday.

Now select the action that should be performed every Friday. The archive action can be found under the Move Cards section.

There are two archive options available. Archive cards in a specified list, or cards with a specified label.

Enter the appropriate list if choosing the first option. Optionally, you can select the hourglass button to only archive cards that have been in the list for more than X days. If choosing the second option, select the specific label.

Once the conditions are set, add the action then click Save.

Creating the board button

Start by opening the Butler menu and select the Board Button section, then Create Button. Add a name and choose an icon for the Button. No trigger is chosen with a button because the action is performed by clicking the button itself.

Select Add an Action, then the Move Cards section.

The options here are the same as with the scheduled command. Set the conditions accordingly then add the action. Finally, click Save. You can now select the Board Button in the top left of your board to perform the archive action when needed.

This video shows how to set up a scheduled command to archive all cards that have been more than 14 days in list Done. Please note the menu design in the video is from an older version of Butler, but the commands operate in the same way.