Non-Profit Discount

Woohoo! As a registered non-profit, you're eligible for a 75% discount on Trello Business Class and Enterprise!

The Fine Print

Atlassian Community Licenses are designed for registered non-profit charitable organizations and charities which are non-government, non-academic, non-commercial in nature, have no religious affiliation and that would not otherwise be able to afford Atlassian software. If your organization does not really fit into this description, we suggest you purchase one of our commercial licenses – they are still highly affordable.

What do I need to do?

If you meet the qualifications above, let's get you set up with your new non-profit discount! Please follow these steps:

  1. Head over to and complete the form on that page. This can be done before or after subscribing to one of our paid plans, but the discount will not automatically be applied retroactively.
  2.  Non-profit discounts are applied to a single Trello Workspace. Please let us know which Workspace you want your discount applied to in the Additional Notes section.
  3. We'll get in touch with any further questions, or to let you know whether or not your organization qualifies!