Upgrading an Enterprise Team

Once a user is a member of an existing enterprise team, they can request that an enterprise admin upgrade their free team. Once upgraded, the team will have access to the Trello Enterprise features.

Requesting an upgrade

To request an upgrade, a team admin can go to the team settings page. Under "Add to Enterprise", the admin can click "Request." If the admin is a member of more than one enterprise, then they can select the appropriate enterprise from the drop-down menu.

Once requested, the request button will show a pending status and an option to cancel the request if it was made accidentally.

Approving an upgrade

An enterprise admin ("superadmin") can process requests by opening the enterprise user management dashboard. From there, they can go to the "Teams" tab:

From there, the enterprise admin can choose to accept or to decline the request. Accepted teams will show on the enterprise member management dashboard.

If a team doesn't meet all the requirements for being added to the enterprise, an enterprise admin will only see the option to decline the request.