How will my Gold subscription affect free users on my boards?

If you have Trello Gold, you'll be able to enable 3 Power-Ups on each of your boards, upload larger attachments (250 MB compared to 10 MB on the free version), save searches, and upload custom backgrounds, stickers, and emoji. Free users on your board will still be able to view and access the things you add with Gold, although they won't be able to use those features themselves. 


Can free users download large files uploaded by a Gold or Business Class user?

Yes! If you upload a file over 10 MB in size, every member of the board will be able to view and download that file, even without Gold. However, unless they have Gold or Business Class, they won't be able to upload large files themselves.

If more than one Power-Up is enabled on a board, will free users be able to use those Power-Ups?

If you enable more than one Power-Up on your board, using Trello Gold or Business Class, free users on that board will still be able to view and use those Power-Ups. However, they won't be able to turn on any additional Power-Ups on that board, as free users are limited to one Power-Up per board.

What about custom backgrounds, stickers, and emoji?

Free users will be able to view the board's custom background, and any custom stickers or emoji that have been added to the board. However, as these features are currently enabled per user rather than per board, only the user who uploaded them will be able to use them.