Mirroring Cards

Mirroring cards helps you keep data in sync across all cards. When you attach a card to another card, the cards aren't automatically synced. But there are many great options for setting up different types of syncs across your cards.

One Way Sync

One way sync is when you want to maintain a parent/child relationship between cards. Data from one card is always pushed to the attached card, but not the other way around. Below are two options for setting up one way sync between cards.

Zapier: This Zapier Template lets you easily create a Zap that listens for changes on a card and updates the attached Trello card based on the fields you want. 

Card syncing with Butler: Using Butler, you can have it update attached cards for actions of your choosing. For instance, the following Butler command will sync comments from one card to another:

when a comment is added to a card, find the first card linked in the attachments, and add comment "New comment on card {triggercardlink} by {username}: {commenttext}"

Two Way Sync

Two way sync allows you to keep two cards mirroring each other. When one is updated, the other also receives the update. There are two great options for setting up varying levels of two way sync between boards and cards.

Unito: With Unito you can mirror cards or entire boards two-ways, meaning updates made on any one version of a card are automatically reflected on all other duplicates.

Placker: The Placker integration allows you to setup various types of syncs across boards and cards. Check out how to get started with Placker here.

CardSync: The CardSync integration allows you to create and manage groups of cards that sync with each other across multiple boards.