Filtering the Enterprise User Management Dashboard

The  stats box on the enterprise member management dashboard gives an overview of all of the members and associates of an enterprise. Filters allow for enterprise admins to see a list of the Trello users who correspond to those numbers, and to manage them singly or in bulk.

Using filters

To filter, select the criteria that you want to use from the drop-down menu:

  • Teams - Filter by what team(s) a member is in
  • User type - Show billable enterprise team members, non-team collaborators, or those who have SSO credentials associated with your enterprise but aren't a member of any teams or boards. For more info on each of these user types, read about the member management dashboard
  • Transferred - Show users who have or haven't transferred ownership of their account to the enterprise as part of the SSO enforcement process

If you pick multiple options from one of the drop-down menus (such as two teams) the filter will show everyone who meets either one of those criteria. If you pick options from multiple drop down menues (such as one team and the active status) the filter will show everyone who meets both of those criteria.

Filters will show as green when they are being used:

Clearing filters

To remove a single filter option, click on the menu and uncheck the checkbox or click "deselect"

To remove all of the filter criteria and return to the full member list view, click the green Clear Filters button: