Domain Allowlisting

As part of our Single Sign On (SSO) feature for Trello Enterprise, we offer the option to allowlist the domain(s) associated with your company. 

Allowlisting will cause new users who sign up with an email address at your allowlist domain(s) to be routed through login with your SAML Identity Provider (IdP) automatically. It won't impact existing Trello users.

How it works

  1. Working with Trello Support, you'll configure SSO and allowlist
  2. A new hire signs up to Trello on our main signup page using as their email address
  3. When they click the button to complete sign up, Trello will redirect them to the IdP associated with your company
  4. Once they've logged in to the IdP, they'll be redirected into their Trello account

We don't recommend domain allowlisting if your IT Team will be provisioning Trello only to select users in your IdP (as those users will see an error on signup). 

If you have additional questions about domain allowlisting, don't hesitate to reach out to Trello Support for more information.