Legacy Power-Ups

This article is for boards that were created before August 23, 2016 which had free Power-Ups enabled. Otherwise, see Enabling Power-Ups.

Boards created before August 23, 2016 with Free Power-Ups enabled will still have any free Power-Ups that they had enabled . This means that those Power-Ups will not contribute to the limit of one Power-Up on boards on free teams.

If your board is not on a free team, you will see legacy Power-Ups under the "add to a team" menu:

If a board is part of a free team, you can click the 'i' next to a Power-Up to tell if it is legacy. You will see this message if it is:

If you try to disable a legacy Power-Up, you'll see a warning. After a legacy Power-Up is disabled, it will count towards the free Power-Up limit.