Adding or Removing Members on a Board in iOS

We're going through some changes! Trello Teams are now Workspaces. Soon, all boards will be in a Workspace. You might see us mention Teams in a few places as we're going through these changes. Thanks for your patience!

Adding a member to a board

  1. Open the board to which you wish to add a member
  2. Open the board's sidebar ( the ... icon)
  3. Select "Add Members" from the Members section
  4. Search for members by name or email address.

If your board is part of a workspace, you can select "Workspace" from under the search field to filter your search by members of that workspace only. You can also add members from your device's contacts by selecting "Contacts" from under the search field.

Removing a member from a board

  1. Open the board
  2. Tap the '...' in the top right of the screen
  3. In the "Members" section, tap the member you wish to remove
  4. Tap "Slide to remove" and slide your finger to remove the member

Admins can remove all members from the board. Normal members can only remove other normal members (not admins) from the board.