Inviting people by using a shareable link

You can invite others to your boards and teams by sharing a special link with them.

When you go to add members to a board or team, you'll see "Invite people by giving them a special link..." Click this link to bring up a URL which you can share with anyone that you'd like to invite.

You can use this link to invite large groups of people to a board at once, instead of adding them one-by-one. However, anyone with that link will be able to automatically join your board, even if they're forwarded the link from someone else. Be sure that you only share the link with trusted people.

Find your invitation link from the "Invite" button:

The same option is available when inviting others to your team.

Going to that link will show people your name and the title of the board or team you invited them to:

Disabling invitation links

If you'd like to disable a sharing link, you can do that by clicking on 'Disable this link' within the Members pop-up:

Please note that a shareable link generated by a member will only work if the generating member has invitation permissions at the time the link is being redeemed. Once you remove a member from a board or team, their sharable links for that board or team won't be redeemable. However, if a member is being removed from a board and then added back, any invitation links that they had created will continue to work.