Enabling Power-Ups

Power-Ups turn Trello boards into living applications through additional features and integrations. Boards belonging to free users can turn on one Power-Up at a time, boards belonging to Trello Gold members may have three Power-Ups turned on at a time, and Business Class boards can have unlimited Power-Ups.

 All teams will also have access to the  Trello App for Slack.


Enable Power-Ups by selecting “Power-Ups” from the board menu and then by clicking on 'Enable' / 'Disable' to activate or deactivate the Power-Ups you would like to use. You have to be a member of that board's team to enable Power-Ups.

Enable Power-Ups on each board from the board's menu.
The Trello App for Slack is enabled on a per-team basis—for more information, read our article on the  Trello App for Slack.

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