Adding a member to a card

Board members can also be added to individual cards to indicate association or to assign those members to the card. Adding a member to a card automatically subscribes them to the card. They will receive notifications for the following:

  • All comments
  • Adding, changing, and upcoming due dates
  • Card moves and archives

Note that if card members choose to unsubscribe at a later point, they will no longer receive these notifications.

Adding a Member to a Card

To add an individual to a card, click the card to open it, then choose "Members" from the right side of the card. Type the member's name or click on their avatar. You can also add a member to a card by opening the card's quick edit menu (hover mouse over card and click the pencil icon) and selecting "Change Members" from the drop down. 

You can add a member to a card directly from the card.

Drag and Drop Members to Cards

While viewing the "Members" area in the menu on the right side of a Trello board, you can drag and drop a user's avatar directly onto a card. 

Or you can drag and drop a member's avatar on to a card from the board's menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available to add members to a card. Press the key while hovering over the card or when the card is open.

  • SPACE - Add yourself to a card. 
  • - Add another member to a card.

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