Changing the admins of a team or board

See Adding an admin to your team if you are already an administrator of your team and wish to add additional administrators.

This article is intended to be used by people who need to recover a team or board when one of the administrators leaves the company. The article is written with teams in mind, but it also applies to administrators on a board as well.

Setting up multiple admins

When you have multiple administrators for your team, you lower the risk of losing continuity of control when an administrator leaves the company or team. See Get the most out of Business Class for more best practices about setting up and maintaining your team. Although the content is specifically geared towards those teams with Business Class, the concepts about team management apply to all teams.

Changing admins when the only admin leaves

When there is only one admin of a team and that person leaves or is no longer using Trello, there is a loss of continuity in administering the team in Trello. While this situation is not ideal, you have several options to reclaim ownership of the team, the boards, and/or the data on the boards.

Please note, for security reasons, we are unable to modify the administrators of a team or delete a team. See the "Why can't you change my email address?" section at the bottom of Recovering your Trello account for a detailed explanation.

Check to see if there are other administrators

There may already be more than one admin for your team. You can check by visiting your team page in Trello and looking for the admin indicator on the avatars of your members. See Presence and admin indicators on user avatars to see what the admin indicator looks like. If there is already another administrator, contact them about setting up additional admins.

Contact the former administrator

If you are able to contact the admin who left the team, ask them to log into Trello and add you as an administrator of the team. Once you are an administrator, you can make any changes you wish.

Recovering an account by password or email address

If you know the password that was used by the admin, simply log in using email and password or username and password.

If the administrator of your team was using a company email address, e.g., you can take ownership of their Trello account by temporarily setting up their mailbox and resetting their Trello password at Once you have control of the account, you can add additional admins to the team.

Setting up a new team

If the only admin is no longer affiliated with your team, you're unable to contact them, you don't know their password, and they were not using a company email address for their Trello account, you will not be able to gain control of the team. If this is the case, you will want to create a new team in Trello and set up admins for the new team as appropriate.

Changing the team of a board

Even if you are not an administrator of the old team, you may still be admin of boards within that team. If so, you can change the team to which a board belongs to move existing boards to the new team.

Copying boards to a new team

If you're a normal member of a board (but not an admin), you can copy the board and then add the copied board to the new team. Optionally, you may wish to delete cards from the board that belongs to the old team.

Canceling Business Class

If you are an admin of your team, you can cancel Trello Business Class via the link at the bottom of your team's billing page.

If you are not an admin of the team (or no longer have access to the team), the most direct approach is to contact another admin in the team and ask them to cancel Business Class.

If you are not an admin of the team, are unable to contact another admin to cancel, and wish to cancel Business Class so that your credit card is no longer charged, please contact Trello support. While we are unable to grant control of the team by adding additional admins, we can cancel Business Class on your behalf. Some proof of purchase may be required. The team won't lose any data when Business Class is cancelled.