Using Trello with Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise is going away

As of August 31, 2016, Sunrise will be going away, per an announcement on their blog. Unfortunately, we can no longer recommend that Trello customers use Sunrise as way of seeing multiple boards' cards in the same calendar view.

We're including the original documentation below for reference purposes only.

Original Trello/Sunrise documentation

Sunrise is a free calendar app that works in the browser, on Mac, iOS, and Android. One of the biggest benefits of Sunrise is how seamlessly it integrates with Trello and allows you to see your personal cards and all of our boards on the same calendar. Because Sunrise uses the Trello API and not iCal feeds, there's no need to set up each individual board. For example, this is what it would look like when everything is set up:

Trello and Sunrise have 2 way synchronization for several fields and actions. For example:

  • "Deleting" a Trello card on the Sunrise calendar will archive the card in Trello
  • Editing the event title in the Sunrise calendar will change the title of the card in Trello

Set up Sunrise with Trello

Follow these steps to integrate Sunrise and Trello:

  1. Go to in the browser
  2. Create an account either via Google, Facebook, or Email
  3. Once logged into Sunrise, click the Gear icon in the top left of the page
  4. Click the "Accounts" tab
  5. Scroll down to find Trello and click "Connect"
  6. Grant permission for Sunrise to access your Trello data

Sunrise will then import all of your Trello boards and your "My Cards" view into its calendar, giving you the option to view multiple calendars at once. Note that for the "My Cards" view, you must be a member of the card and the card must have a due date in order for it to show up.

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